The players not worthy of playing with Lemons vs the Garbage Gangstas

The players not worthy of playing with Lemons vs the Garbage Gangstas


Sod you Saint “obsolete medium for listening to music”.

I was planning a brain dead sick day but had to download my creative head from my Satellite back up just for this.

Obviously having fouond a positive front foot combination to cause the global stock marets to crash on fears of reduced Diaper Sales, MoPe will undoubtedly start with Davis & Hodge Podge up front on Sunday.

A calamitous return to the meltdown no doubt, and hopefully I’ll be tucked up and finally able to sleep by the time it kicks off at 20:30 over here.

Best hope would be the latest version of Aussie ODI Flu hitting the Northwest of England, or perhaps the cold spell lasting until the Capital of Yemen or is it a resort in Southern Oman loses form.

Sod the result predictions they’re a top 6 side we all know we concede to a dodgy penalty in the 18th minute of 4 added minutes time, just make sure you lot stop it bloody snowing and being freezing by next Wednesday when I am back for a day trip to see Me Mum.


Up voted due to after decifering the words I discovered it was the match day thread.

You do realise that @saintbletch will be creaming himself over all the hidden words and cyphers


by the way 2-1 2-1 to the lemonista’s


Hopefully, the players will Listen to what the Man Said in the dressing room.

Big game for Macca.

Maybe Redders could get a start and run Ringos round their defence?

Virgil & LovRat could leave a Cavernous hole in the middle of defence?

By George, I hope Stephens does a better job of Martin at corners.

Should we recall a spare DM from Noriwch for the bench?

This stuff could go john and john and john.

I need sleep and better meds.


We’re all doomed … cryptic matchday threads are the root of all evil. I can see another 0-6 thrashing coming on - quite probably one of the worse nights in living memory.

At least it will be Sunday tea time and with a full roast dinner on board and fine Australian Shiraz, the world will seem a better place. We limp on.



You misspelt playas in the thread title.


That was a bit beachy



I am attending.

We will get at least 1 point.

Take that to the bank.


In a thinly linked way an interesting rumour.

SRL is currently working on his coaching badges at Staplewood.

Cue teaching players to shoot comments


I was looking for the comedy match day thread…and stumbled on this.

Come back @btripz all is forgiven - mostly


Before names on shirts, how did you know who was who :lou_facepalm_2: Who’s that thin bloke wearing the number 7 shirt?


So far so good.

Just gotta find my lucky pyjamas top & pack it tomorrow

On the downside my last game was Hull at home end of last season…


Should we book you a (separate) table?


Just a friendly warning Phil…I’m in the Chapel too and just because you’ve come all the way from Dubai you will NOT BE SPARED if try to sneak out early.

We fuckin’ nail ALL early leavers!

I also know the coach back to Dubai doesn’t leave until 8.15pm so no excuses.


Lawro;s predication

He’s given us 1-1 so expect a win for us.

but his opponent this week Rhys James although getting the score wrong has this to say

" This is a peek into the future for the Southampton players - this is Liverpool juniors versus Liverpool, or dads v lads. Whoever scores for Southampton will be playing for Liverpool in 12 months time. 1-3"

probably right :lou_angry:


My first game all year. Ive paid £50 quid extra to come a day early to endure a post Niall hug therapy.

Think I’d leave early?

Oh and it better be pissing down and freezing. I DEMAND the full experience.

Downside is getting a lift with mates who park wrong side of town for the pub.


I am more confident of us performing so see a 1-2 to Liverpool.


I may most likely be totally fucked in the head, but have a sneaky suspicion that it might just come right - IF MoPe plays the right side and goes for it, it could a 3-2 etc. If we try and defend and park the fucking tram, we will get hammered


I shall be wearing a cap-sleeve T shirt and shorts ( look out for my Bay City Rollers tats)…full experience will be enhanced by the forcast of occasional snow flurries. I’ll keep an eye out for you…I assume you will be wearing full Arctic gear. :lou_lol: