:efl: The Play Off Final - :leedsunitedfc: Leeds United v Southampton :saints:


Same end as Chelsea & Utd again. Boo

Predict the :leedsunitedfc: v :saints: Outcome
  • EIEIEIO Up the Premier League We Go (:saints: win obvs)
  • :saints: to win in normal time
  • :saints: to win after extra time
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :leedsunitedfc: to win in normal time
  • :leedsunitedfc: to win after extra time
  • :leedsunitedfc: to win on penalties

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The return of Nick Illingsworth selling tickets?



I will be drinking heavily this day as its back to the Betty Ford clinic on the Monday.
NB Saints will win

Still in Verona - Ayatollah laughed at my suggestion to cancel / delay the trip. Now trying to set up a weapons grade VPN to get sky go to work.

Mate from Aus is looking to come over and use my tickets

Got my ticket

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Would you need a VPN while abroad? :thinking:

have tickets - Aussie mates now crying into their beer about the price of flights

Yes, Sky Go is geo-locked to UK IPs so he, perversely, needs to set his VPN to connect to a UK server.

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My company’s IT dept have been told to drop all projects and sort this out as a matter of priority

Sometimes being the boss is worth it


Plenty of overseas sites take their coverage from sky. Just login to one of those

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All tickets now sold out!

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Wow, how many did we get allocated?

Over 35k.

Right on to pre match meets / drinks / prayers.

The Railway, West Hampstead has been a reliable venue in previous trips to Wembley. (As a venue not as any predictor of a successful outcome…)

@SO5-4BW, @Fowllyd and I plan to meet there at a time TBC but 12.00 latest. All forum fannies welcome :grin:


Come on you Blacks…


Why? There is no clash with white


Looks mean init!