The Oz is back in town

Hey there y’all!!

I’m back :lou_sunglasses:

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G’day mate :+1:

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Fella!! Hope you have been well!

Been a long time!

Sorry to up and root myself from here, potential and eventual relegation messed with not only my head but how I was living my life. Became a bit of a knob tbf!

So, the good, the bad, the average since we last met:

Life is keeping on keeping on (average)
Had 4 car crashes in the family (bad)
and to leave the best till last as they say,

I have signed to Thoroughbred Music out of the UK and a UK tour is being planned!! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Sod a UK Tour.
Poland loves Rock get something booked for here! With a Krakow date the same day as a televised game!

(Congrats, welcome back, you haven’t missed much)


Hey man!

We defo go where the rock is loved!! I shall mention that to the label!

That does sound super, though I need to get into ‘Rock Star Drinking Form’ as I am a Cadbury atm for sure! Long way to the top as they once said!


We shudder to think what that actually means Dave :joy:


:joy: That’s fair!

“Cadbury” drinker refers to an old tv ad for a line of sweets where they claim “there is a glass and a half in every block”, thus, I am drunk after not many drinks!


A bit like @NotBletch then


I’ll be stealing that!

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They all come back in the end, except maybe @Bearsy RIP.


Yeah, him and Tokes, right pair of superior cunts for not returning in full flow :lou_is_a_flirt:

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Sounds similar lol