The "other bit" of Hampshire's new threads


Just seen this shared on Facebook. Anyone else find their new kit just a little bit amusing…?


Disappointed…I used to like their “Gobshite” sponsor logo. :lou_lol:

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Perhaps Gobshite realised they were advertising to the wrong crowd… from the tales I hear told on t’interwebz their fanbase can’t read, and those that can can’t spell, so they weren’t getting enough business? At least this way some of them might get an education?

There’s already quite a few raving loonies with crayons in hand spouting off about red on their shirt being a violation of their human rights!!


Portsmouth University, where I suppose the great unwashed can go to study the fate of their decrepit shed of a ground:
Ironically, it appears as though the course is taught in a building not fit for purpose.

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This could also come in handy:

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Just going through the motions…Southsea comes immediately to mind. :lou_lol: