The OFFICIAL 2022 @Chertsey-Saint Name Change Thread

So @WorzelScummage has set the ball rolling, as before with @Map-Of-Tasmania there will be FREE nominations for the new name, from which @WorzelScummage will pick 3 to put to the charity vote to help the sick kids.

Once selected you can vote on @Goatboy’s new just giving page, each vote will cost you £5, so still plenty of opportunity for @PhilippineSaint to fix the result…

So get your nominations in before March 4th …YES this Friday with voting to be opened from Saturday 5th!


Names Chosen so far

Name Nominated by
CuntrySaint @lifeintheslowlane
FarmerPalmer @Cobham-Saint
Barry_Putin @Lets-B-Drinking
Jezza @Polski_Filip
Chertsey_Saint @PhilippineSaint
Country_Bumpkin_from_Dibden_Plumpton @Bucks
Good_Life_Saint @BTripz
Serf_Saint/Saint_Serf @CB-Saint
Squire_Saint @Goatboy
WorzelBummage @pap
WorzelScummage @DellBoy
Saint Womble of Cock @Saint-CD

well yesterday i made my pitch with @CuntrySaint, hope y’all like it. :lou_lol:

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Barry Putin.


Think it is impolite to have Cherts own suggestion “What a cvnt I am”

So I’m sticking with Londoner moving to the country and calling him Jezza.

I already owe @Goatboy a fiver, I’ll be effectively bankrupt if he actually gets here to Krakow

Clarkson is a Yorkshire boy not from the smoke?

He worked in London…

I nominate he changes his name to Chertsey_Saint


It has a certain ring to it :thinking:

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Country Bumpkin from Dibden Plumpton

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I’ve updated the OP with the names chosen so far…keep 'em coming folks.

I’ve weighed in with Good_Life_Saint

Serf Saint or Saint Serf - either will do






Saint Womble of Cock c261f80dfe97c2bd73c3ab074e01be33

I think I’d rather go with this refinement than the Taylor original.

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There you go @WorzelScummage, perm 3 from 11, I’ll even let you add your own suggestion as well…