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Yeah go edit the title Bob.
So, I’m bored, noticed Poland were playing Finland tonight & found it on the old fashioned free to air.
Bednarek playing right sided CB, couple of headers, covering space, looking Bednarekish.
3-0 to Poland at HT is a surprise they are normally shit.
Oh and fans in the stadium. Maybe 10% of capacity. Perfectly social distanced.
Proper stuff tomorrow obviously

I have to say, the Finnish keeper is no Anti Niemi.
All 3 goals soft from outside the box.and Lewandowski isnt playing yet locals scored 3.

4-0 Piatek finishes a move highlighted by woeful defending.

Niskanen curls one in from the right side of the penalty box for a 68th minute consolation goal 4-1

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I did mention I’m heroically bored
Mrs P_F works to 10pm this week
Meant I could watch my shows to 9:59
Shell finish eating in a minute & we can Cobra Kai for a bit

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Wife in state of shock.
Milic 5-1 lovely little goal.
From kick off he is clean through blazes miles over

I watched the Montenegro Latvia game finished 1-1 but the pitch was like a plowed field not seen the likes of since the pitches in the first division of the 70’s and 80’s


It’s the big one tonight peeps, England :engerland: v Wales :walesisntit:

Gonna be debutants and no left back again…
If Danny doesn’t start tonight he never will. Pretty sure Kane will start the proper games

why hasnt Betrand been called up then Crazy fuckers.


Danny Ings starts for England :muscle:t2:


What channel is it on in UK?

It’s on ITV

I quite like that got only 1 Billy big bollocks in Trippier in it.

This team will win tonight and when he changes it for the proper games they will struggle to score a penalty.

2 DM’S V Wales?


Dear Gareth.
Ings isnt Stuart Armstrong ffs

OK he might be better than Stu in that position

You’ve got to laugh. Ings is a player who thrives in a front 2, playing off the shoulder of the defender and cutting in from the left channel to bend the ball in to the far corner.

So where does Southgate play him? In a front 3, a million miles off the opposition’s defence and from the right.


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