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And that is why Twatter / X is becoming more irrelevant and a focus for incel nut-jobs.

Thanks for sharing as I really can’t face delving into the cesspool that it is to find these “nuggets”.


Joe Biden has angrily dismissed concerns over his memory.

He added “there’s nothing wrong with my hearing either. Everyone mumbles nowadays.”

Basically, in my opinion anyone older than me is a fuckin’ geriatic and has no business running a country…not even the USA.

I don’t get it - why would anyone in there 80s want THAT job. I am in my 50s, I have done 35 years - Im knackered. I am counting down the days to when the only decision I have to make is red or white.


Trump is only a few years younger and is also showing mental confusion

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Poor old Joe calls a press conference to reassure us all that there is nothing wrong with his memory and mental faculties, and then caps it off by asserting that Egypt’s leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is “The President of Mexico”. This comes hot on the heels of his revelation that he had breakfast the other day with Francois Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl, both of whom have been dead for many years. It really shouldn’t be a laughing matter but it’s difficult to take any of it seriously. A population of over 340 million people and the best they can come up with to be the leader of the so called ‘Free World’ is a choice between an 81 year old who struggles to put a coherent sentence together, and a 78 year old lunatic with a Messiah complex who lies as naturally as breathing. You have to laugh or else you would fucking cry. One thing I do know, I’m fucking glad I’m not young, I really don’t envy them what’s coming their way.


And then a bastion of MAGA and mouthpiece of the Orange one allows Putin to change global history without so much as a blink…



I watched the Tucker Carlson interview.

Thought it was quite interesting. Putin basically used the interview to continually imply that Ukraine was not a real place, that it had been carved up through treaty negotiations or internal Soviet decisions.

I wouldn’t agree with his analysis of that, but there’s a lot of ammo for it. Probably fairer to say that Ikraine doesn’t just include Ukraine.

And it’s here that I find myself in a reluctant bit of agreement with the dearly departed Bazza, who cried Sudetenland at every opportunity. He was probably right to do so.

The thing that concerns me on a personally existential level is that because of all this, the Russians now have a mobilised and veteran army out on the battefield in Europe.

At the same time, you’ve got the local fucking idiot Rishi Sunak syggesting that British troops would officially fight Russians in Ukraine. It’s madness.

The continent has been sending most of its ammunition to Ukraine and as dominant as the military industrial complex might be, Russia already has its shit and can produce more.

Honestly feel we’re being led by fucking imbeciles.

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How long has it taken you to reach this less than startling conclusion? :unamused::smile:

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The blindness of modern capitalism.
Ukraine - great sell old inventory for huge book profits.

World - invest capital to restock ammo.
Capitalism- nah we’re good.
Trump - invade Europe mate

I’d be interested in seeing the Venn diagram of all those that cried foul about the Ukraine invasion and all those shouting similar outrage at events in Gaza, which has to date, eclipsed all civilian deaths, both proportionally and in hard numbers.

I suspect the intersection will be pretty small.

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Are you talking at a governmental level?

At every level really. I just find it amazing how people can be whipped into fury about Ukraine, an arrest warrant is issued for Putin - and then remain relatively silent on much worse atrocities occurring on a much greater scale.


Too right :+1:

I suspect the venn diagram would most likely be very different if you asked the great unwashed rather than our lords and masters (not you @lifeintheslowlane )