The new Health rules Should we believe them

The new Health rules Should we believe them


So they are now advocating 10 a day instead of 5 a day

The new rules

So does 5 Double Vodka and Oranges count?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Might consider them

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What I liked in that was the statement

In the UK, only about one in three people eats enough.

How can that be true looking at all the fat bastards living there.

our own demographic shows it with this years fat club.


Basically everyone will stuff more sugary items in their gob like juice and fruit and so the freefall to diabetes will reach terminal velocity


I don’t suppose I’ve eaten 800g of fresh fruit+veg in one day, in my whole fkn life. That’s a fkn lot of fresh fruit+veg! Amazing I’ve lasted this long tbh.


Get a job in the health ministry

Eat 800g of sprouts daily

Watch guidance change overnight


I not sure i want a really long life, tbh. The people i know who are over 85 are generally in poor health, have no mates left, are stricken with minimal ability to get out and about (if at all) and are generally lonely and feel out of touch with the world. It seems to me that the people who advocate a long life the most are the young, but i’m probably wrong and respect that many others will think differently.

My old Nan is in her 90’s, but can’t get out of the house any more and has a list of ailments as long as some of those cock sausages on the other thread (lolz!!).

So, fuck the 10 fruit and veg a day. Burgers, beer, wine and cock sausages for me.


This sounds like the Denis Leary routine in “no cure for cancer” when he was railing aginst people telling him that every cigerette would knock 5 minutes of his life


God, this is like the Daily Mail comments page. :lou_facepalm_2:

These aren’t rules or, even, guidance. It’s just a bit of research done at Imperial which you are, of course, free to ignore.


Do chips count?




Who really wants to live until they’re in a fucking carehome, pissing in a bag in your bed, covered in bedsores? That’s what this research will help you do.


But they said we have to eat our weight in vegetables or we going to die!


Well the idea is to stave off that scenario…to keep you fit and active longer…not to simply keep you alive no matter what.

If you don’t want the rest-home there’s always the bottle of sleeping tablets.


Fuck it says 103 year old vegetarian


Was looking for somewhere relevant to drop this VERY long read. Think this will do.

Bacongeddon was in 2015 where the story broke that our Bacon Sarnies were killing us with a million types of cancer. I ignored it of course becasue

  1. Health Scare stories happen every week

  2. There is NEVER any actual explanation or detail to go with the headlines.

So I saw this and wasn’t bored (until about 2 hours in to the read :lou_eyes_to_sky:

This is actually INFORMATIVE. I now actual understand a health scare thing better. For once it actually gives options and isn’t designed to just get click bait.

So this is why your Sarnie is killing you. (Whether Bacon, Chorizo, Ham) why Sausages AREN’T bad for you and why Parma ham is different.

Something to read before Homes under The Sun comes on TV or your laptop battery dies

Nitrites and Nitrates


I miss Cherts…



I miss bacon sarnies with HP sauce a truly Euopean meal.

Bread from France, Bacon from Denmark, HP sauce from Holland. Butter from Ireland, Mustard if required from Norwich.


I guess put there you only get that wafer thin Asian streaky bacon shit as well?


Yep unless I get the daughter to go to Spinneys in Dubai prior to coming home with some nice green back Bacon.