The MOTD moanathon


Thought I’d get this in there first. I suppose the first thing to moan about is having to wait until Monday so the scousers can settle their scores (most Southampton-est Merseyside Derby ever, btw).

I can imagine the jonesing we’d have in football mad Liverpool if the fixture had been moved for another derby, say the Manc one or the New Forest Derby, so called because the rivalry is a big thing for them, but new for the rest of us.

Footy! Moved to Mondee for a fuckin’ shandy derby? We’re fuckin’ dyin’ up here!

Anyway, we all have our MOTD moans. In eighteen minutes we may have more. Put 'em up, Sotonians.


Cheers Pap. All the bullshit with Barry(that’s got to be a good thread title) made me forget MOTD and i’ve been waiting for a lot longer than i expected. That probably played some part in me forgetting.

They better rave about Puel and Rodriguez.

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Best part so far Mane taking Lallana out, with an overhead kick.

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Mane read the spinning ball, as it hit the post so well.


Good god, two flagging teams in the second game!


fucking typical bbc. Saints game relegated to last because of the fucking scouse Derby and some game between Arsenal and man city. Well done BBC, as per usual.


Nice finish, from another ex Saint, but what a great slide pass through!


No Spurs v Burnley will be last! That will be Burnleys fault!


The rules - both City goals offside. Common sense both good.


That was brilliant. I cannot say anymore than that.

If Redmond can just be a little more ruthless, we could get a good forward line together, with another striker.

JRod does all the right things for a striker, in the right place at the right time, always going to get chances.


fucking typical. Not even allowed to play the programme out, we’ve been usurped by the spuds. BBC bastards and their anti saints agenda.


He got the ball says idiot commentator as Spurs defender slices through the back of a Burnley striker to get at it.

Good to see Kevin Friend hasn’t lost his edge… :astonished: