The most moving scenes in a film

Reading another post brought me to this, for me the most moving

Red jacket girl in Schindlers List.

Good Will Hunting scene in the office between Damon and Williams.

AI Haley Joel Osmond in the flesh fair when the adults see a boy not a robot and cant kill him.

ET Innocence through the eyes of a child.

Shawshank redemption, many here but the narrative at the end, beautiful.


Bullit - they were moving at a fair lick in that car chase


Red jacket girl in Schindlers List.

Yep the whole movie reduced me to a blubbering wreck…I was still sobbing as we left the cinema. Have never seen the film again and I don’t think I want to either. :lou_sad:

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Hard film that.

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Hard film that.

Yep hard but essential…everyone should see it once. The casual inhumanity was the hardest thing to watch.


The Pursuit of Happiness. Much of the film, but especially when Will Smith and his son are sleeping in the metro station toilets with all their life goods in a couple of carriers, and someone is trying to get in.


Up…beginning and end


E.T. The bit where all seems lost before they all do one on their flying BMXes.

I’ve only ever watched Titanic once. Thought about that for weeks afterwards.

Oh yes, and Smokey and the Bandit II. When Sheriff Buford T. Justice has called in all of his favours, and managed to pull in smokies from all over North America, and Bandit thinks that the Snowman only has one truck. It’s magical stuff, as I’m sure we can all agree.

Norman Wisdom in the ballroom scene at the end of A Stitch In Time(1963). :lou_sad:

The final scene where Oskar is changing into the camp clothes and breaks down, how his Nazi badge ‘2 more, maybe 3’’…

I remember at the cinema, when it ended, no one moved… just silence as folks watched the credits to the end… almost as if everyone just needed a bit of time, or that leaving would be disrespectful…a cinematic masterpiece that should be part of everyone’s education


When Bambi’s mother got shot.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

Saving Private Ryan - the beach landing scene and the scene with the knife fight where the guy gets slowly skewered.


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Saying about people not leaving at the end of a film, I remember that happening when I saw Philadelphia. Along with the ones mentioned above, that has to be one of the most moving films I’ve seen.

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That film makes me very angry, brilliant film and very moving,

It’s very easy to understand why it never features in anyone’s list of favourite movies. Maybe there should be a category for most “profoundly moving movie”

I’ve read a lot of reviews of the movie over the years and still find it offensive that there are people who nit-pick over aspects of accuracy, performance, continuity…everything really that I take little notice of.

I know I’m a movie-makers dream…someone who sits in the cinema and is totally taken-in by the story but IMO it’s Speilberg’s crowning glory…beyond criticism.


Second this, along with when he is offered the job .

To go from tears of sadness to tears of joy in a film is pretty rare.

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When Paris gets wiped out. Oh the Karma

Think Schindlers List is moving? go to his factory in Krakow.

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Aye, have been there and Auschwitz. Will never forget either.

Agree, it’s a great film.

Pixar do it loads. Wall-e, the bit with EVA. Also Toy Story 3, the incinerator and ending.

Though have to say, not many films have gotten me in the state Still Alice did. That was brutal.

The final scene of Brokeback Mountain.

Sergeant Elias getting gunned down from behind after being stitched up by that bastard Sergeant Barnes, as their helicopter flies away to safety, leaving poor Elias to die (in Platoon). :lou_sad:

Fuck you Barnes. Fuck you!!! :lou_angry: