📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


And there we have it.

After all that we now can see it for what it is.

Agenda driven conclusions regardless of probability.


I’ll have a go.

Something dodgy. Maybe meeting Skripal. Open secret that he wanted to return to Russia and his involvement with Steele, Pablo Miller, Orbis and the dodgy dossier would be very tempting for Russia. They also might just be mules for organised crime like Litvinenko.

Delivery sat, pick up Sunday, or Skripal was at airport Saturday, so missed him.

They didn’t.

Good memory.

600 yards in town is hardly near. Not even a road that connects to Skripals. Calling it near is misleading at best.

They haven’t. A dubious allegation has made, no more(at this point).

Why should they? You make an accusation, it’s down to you to prove it. Ever wondered if our lot are trying to get a visual of someone they want to identify for other things, so put the name to this?

Is there official photographic evidence of this, or just bellendcat?

No one has corroborated the UK’s lack of evidence. They took it on trust. They have since asked many times for the evidence. Still waiting apparently.


What Russian version do I believe? The spire story? Nope.


Do you believe the Russian more than the British version of events?

If so, what?


So who killed Dawn Sturgess and why?


What Russian version of events?


Your changing things around and trying to lie about me yet again.
Stick to the comment. You linked a propaganda piece that misinterpreted Putins words. Your view on whether the Russian state execute people like we do, is irrelevant to the subject.
Please try harder and stop making up lies about me(some people might/have fall for your propaganda).


What conclusions? Stop making stuff up you whopper.


Who Barry?
Of course not.
If you mean Putin, no idea, but i’d be surprised if they didn’t do what all nations do. You?


Their denials.


I don’t believe Putin, no.


I think there are 3 ways of looking at this:

  1. The Russians did it, using Novichok, the way the Government/police has identified.
  2. The Russians did it, not using Novichok, and not in the way the Government/police has identified.
  3. The Russians didn’t do it.

I am firmly in the second camp.


But you believe May, even though we know she lied and we know we broke all agreed procedures?
That’s an act of faith best saved for church.
Surely best to be sceptical of both sides.


I don’t believe the version of events presented at the moment.


Who believes May?

I believe the Russians did this as a more probable version than anyone else.

This is not difficult to comprehend.


So you don’t believe anything?

Or somethings?

Either way you’ve been selective in your assessment.


Plausible. Also 4. A chemical attack was staged and blamed on Russian agents who were known to be in the area.


Isnt every assessment selective? You are choosing to believe one thing over another yes?


You do, as you agree with her.
What probability, apart from the constant propaganda?
This is the second time today i’ve asked. Explain.


An awful lot of effort when that could have been staged far easier, what were the Russians doing there then?

Cathedral/Spire spotting?