The moneyball/academy policy

The moneyball/academy policy


Clearly is outdated and not working, we’ve gone from well where we were 2 years ago to this shit, the fastest decline without going bust? We’re fucked but at least so is Ralph, Les and the Chinese, the wanking players will be alright the melts.

And to think people were laughing at Hodgesons apppointment.


Sorry Bazza no…

However IF you were to subscribe to the Board had a 5 year plan theory found in Andrew Cowens’ drawer and didn’ know how to update it Id agree


In simple terms selling your best players and not replacing them all the time is not going to work is it? You may cry they want to go and I’ll counter with how the fuck do the others manage?

Are we being punished for or have we been for being successful? If so why isn’t there provision for this?


Blah blah blah blah.

This has been done to death. We have lost a lot of quality players because bigger teams could offer them more money and a bigger platform on which to ply their trade. If being a shop windown club means that we get to have players like Mane and Van Dijk for a couple of seasons, where is the problem? Perhaps you would prefer to support a team like West Ham. When you say how do others manage, quite simply you seem to have missed the point that we have better quality players that the bigger teams want. It is not rocket science. Why isnt there provision? Seriously WTF? Four top ten finishes would say that there has been provision. To keep that going ad infinitum would require a miracle though and finally we are catching a cold, but to keep our best players will mean getting in players that no one else wants, and that is a recipe for another slide back to Division 1.


I would say it is a broekn system if we get relegated and West Ham stay up wouldn’t you? So if we carry on it’ll break so therefore why carry on doing it the way we have been, why react when in the Championship and say it dodn’t work, well give me some money and I’ll point out it ain’t fucking working in the Premiership, its not rocket science, the way we’ve done things isn’t the right way to retain Premiership status, if it was we wouldn’t be where we are.


Blah blag blah. If you have leant one thing it must be if you keep defending the owners and board incompetence you will keep getting shat on. That is how it works. When they are making money and getting away with it there is no reason for a change.

Instead of spounting Tory drivel take off the blinkers. They havent done anything to make the club more attractive for players too stay. Everyone inside and outside the club know they have taken its soul and put it though the dry cleaners. We are a laughing stock


It worked perfectly well for 4 seasons didn’t it? It was the right way for 4 seasons but isn’t working this season. But guess what, it isn’t rocket science to work out that we are going to be able to compete the same way every season because things change constantly. Very few clubs can keep up a constant level of performance and they are the ones who can afford to pay for and pay the high wages of the best players. As a smaller club we were always going to end up finding things tougher. You and NYS seem to be the only people outside of Fiverweb who seem to think we have a divine right to be a top half of the table club. Go look at where Sunderland are right now. Get the picture?


Who is shitting on me? If you are referring to Sotonians own version of Alpine_Saint that is like being ravaged by a dead sheep. Tory drivel? Fuck me. Well done for getting “laughing stock” in ( no we aren’t by the way) but you lose points for not including “sleep walking towards relegation.”


Oh by making the club more attractive to stay, that would involve paying them in excess of £100k a week. How are we going to do that exactly without ending up in the crapper?


I would agree with the divine right part but we have a better squad than others, you are saying our strategy of buying selling isn’t always going to work out, that is obvious and anyone will say that and they’ll be right, its the teams performance, the lack of reaction, the lack of openess from the board when we were told there would be, the lack of signings, the lack of the managers desire to change things.

Its a shit show yes man, a fucking shit show.


Imagine if we kept the players we sold? Moneyball can work well in the lower leagues and where you’re not going to get relegated but doing at the highest echelon will fuck you over, high risk and for what reward? The boards reward but not poor fucking Sainrs fans once again, open your eyes.


Tell me Barry, regarding the lack of signings, how many clubs have signed players yet? And if you believe that the manager is happy with the way things are going you really need to lay off of the sauce.


Nevermind other clubs, bollocks to other clubs, fuck other clubs.

Of course I don’t, but his limp tame excuses would strip paint, fuck him off, it isn’t working.