The matchday meetup treble

The matchday meetup treble


I have just booked my train tickets for the three home games we have in a row in a single week.

Three games in three different competitions in six days. That means three separate drinks events to organise. I’m thinking we should mix it up over the week venue wise or it’ll get a bit samey.

Might be an opportunity to bung Farmhouse, The Alex or even the Platform into the rotation.

It’s a matchday meetup treble. Who’s going to all three?


I can recommend the bookshop alehouse (5 mins from rockstone).


I’ve just got the Europa league game at the moment although I might be able to make the Sunday game although that clashes with the Singapore Grand Prix so… :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I’m down for the Sparta game. Traffic will determine if I can attend aforementioned beverages.


Going to Europa and Premier League matches, not sure about the other one. Not sure about drinks on the Thursday either, as I have to get down from Farnborough. But if I can finish at 5pm I reckon it can be done…

On the Sunday I will be in whatever hostelry is chosen by popular consensus. :lou_lol:


I’m going to the Sparta and Swansea games, be good to get my first Sotonians drinking session under my belt and put some faces to names :lou_smiley:


Then you can walk to the ground and Pap can keep you company this week. :lou_lol:


Is Pap’s Matchday Meetup Treble initiative, in association with the club’s Europa Bundle promotion?


No, but there are constant rumours that I might disappear into my Badgium mine to get the raw materials for more badges.

I think it’s worth celebrating those that not only make the commitment to Saints, but to pubs as well.


Good call Pap. If we (you) do release a Matchday drinking badge, and set a threshold of say, 5 matchday pub visits to qualify, then you will only need about 9 badges anyway :lou_lol:


I’ve been making a serious commitment to pubs recently.

I’ve just been avoiding the ones frequented by you losers.

I MIGHT* make it to a pre- or post-match beers, if I can be arsed**.

*Indecision for pap - because he’s worth it.

**It’s might be low-hanging fruit, but don’t go there.


I believe this sort of Southampton news is of interest to some of you…

Scotland’s BrewDog brewery is to open its new city-centre ‘outpost’ next Friday.

Taking over the former Coco Rio on Upper Bannister Street, this will be the brewery’s second bar in the south having already set up shop in Brighton. They also have 28 others across the UK, and even more internationally.


Warning, if you see this place in Southampton, which may have changed chameleon like come Friday 16th Septmber, then it should be avoided at all costs!

The delusion is strong in this one, frequented by tall, balding men usually having a mid to late life crisis! They will extol the virtues of the beer and encourage you to partake, oftten stating that it is an acquired taste and will get better after the 4th bottle, honest.

Beware drinking this can result in painful feeling in your nether regions the next day!

Avoid at all costs.


Am I the only person in history who has been downvoted for suggesting Raheem Sterling is a bit crap, and again for introducing Bletch to a new pub?


I knew it was coming but didn’t know when.

To be honest, I used to delight that if I Googled " Brewdog Southampton", used to be the 5th result - and the 1st result.

I’ve no idea what, Punk IPA, the best beer in the world from Brewdog the best brewery in the world , made so high up the rankings to be honest…

But since they’ve announced plans to open a bar in Southampton we’re not even on the first page.


So surely this has to be a venue for a L O N G post-match, meet-up?


As you’re new you get to carry pap to the ground:


Thank fuck you didn’t post the Ellen DeGeneres Usain Bolt tweet


Fair enough. I’ll bring my rucksack.


It’s only fair to warn you, gavstar, that whilst carrying pap you will likely find yourself getting into lots of arguments and probably a few fights.

He’s a little opinionated


He also needs his carrier to visit the loo - often. That’s his carrier’s responsibility too.

And because he has the hips of a penguin he will need you to dress him after he’s been.

To the left - before you ask.