⛳ :the_masters: The Masters 2023

Well, here it is, the most atmospheric tournament of the season, with the added frisson of the return of many LIV golfers.

Has Rory finally listened to the advice of Tiger & Jack & respect the course? Or will it be another no cigar week.

Anyway, it started well with a young golfer from Abu Dhabi winning the Drive Chip & Putt event last night, only a couple of months after she was introduced to Rory and told him she would.

Here’s one of my old crew setting the scene

He says he will

But we all know hen the adrenaline kicks in it’ll be open season. Sort of like DeShambles saying he’ll shot a 10 under.

Masters: Rory McIlroy’s Grand Slam quest continues at Augusta National -

Might actually get some coverage over here

Andrew is such a great guy. Pumped to be working with hi & the Getty crew in September

Fvck, just been defended by a collective

czekaj, co from the locals

Midway day 1 report.
Viktor Hovlabd tearingvtge course up 7 under through 12
Tiger not really firing.
Others bumbling around 2/3 under.
Rahm 4 putts 1st for double bogey then catches fire to be 3 under.
Rory nearly messes up 1st gets a tidy par Schefler starts on fire.

I can see that a number of Sotonian golfers will be wanting to get hold of a copy of Viktors’ shirt for their next trip to the Muni course

When I win the lottery I’ll order some for all of you

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Rory being Rory at the Masters.
At least a bogey on 7 to go +1

No. Twonk double bogey +2

Serial Major winner Brooks Koepka joined LIV as his fitness/injuries made him feel his career was flat lining.
Plays less, body recovered, now fully fit & tearing up Augusta on day 2.
Leads on -10 after 8 holes in the best weather of the day, late starters could have a rough ride later

Taxi for Rory.
Going backwards embarrassingly

I am praying for a LiV win just for the pure devilment of it


Holy shit.
Here’s why there is a 2nd suspension of play!

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Wood you believe it, hope everyone is OK mind.

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Grounds now being evacuated.