The male gene is disappearing, question is, who's putting the bins out and stuff ... Thanks science!

The male gene is disappearing, question is, who's putting the bins out and stuff ... Thanks science!


I’m definitely regretting posting this


4.6m years left? What a load of shit. Absolute nonsense.


Made me so angry I’ve ruined my flower arrangement.


It’s rubbish science, at least the headline is. Just trying to create conversation.


Hope Bletch is ok. I hear it can chafe if stalks are just thrust into receptacles just willy-nilly


I’m watching Withnail and I on the telly. They got to the house using a map but got a little lost. This is a dying art…surely it will accelerate the erosion of the genes that make us men. I started a new job a few weeks back in an unfamiliar town and I drive each day following the sat nav. My boss told me of a short cut which I’ve tried to follow but always end up going wrong. I’ve lost the ability to find my way without technology. My dad used to drive is everywhere around London without ever using a sat nav. Men in those days knew shit. I know nothing. There’s an old manics song about how men are mutations of nature…we can’t even do a full xx.


Hey, first off, Kudos for watching Withnail and I. Fun fact also I used lived on the same road in Camden that Bruce Robinson based the movie from. This was 15 years ago so it’s probably now worth 1.5 million and owned by a Russian. Good luck with the new job


Modern tech is making things redundant. Black cab taxi drivers in London etc.


What new job do you have and where?


Sorry, too much enquiry there


I shan’t tell you


You can kill him if you do though


I may be weird but if I need to go anywhere I can spend 10mins looking at a map or AA directions and am happy to pootle off wherever…internal satnav maybe.

Mind you - Can’t find my arse from my elbow most days though.


I’ve tracked his address mate


More like 4.6 years left.

With Trump, Seas of Plastic, Aussie or American Flu, Storm Sillyname next week, Articificial Intelligence and Skynet


When we used to drive to the old Wembley for iternationals we never used the North Circular…we used to cut through the back streets of west London using a street map. Never a pause for traffic. We never marked it on the map so always took a new route every time we drove it.

Of course we all had undiluted male genes in those days and map-reading was an innate skill…that and the fact that we’d bring our own boy scout to read it.


My navigation skills weren’t ruined by the satnav, but when all the pubs started closing down.

Directions always used to consist of: Left at the Duke’s Head, just past the Queen’s Legs (are they open?) then third right after the Fox and Hounds etc.


You’re not Lord Montague are you?


No but my feminine side of me accepts he was something of a hero…a victim of '50s homophobia…fitted-up for something he didn’t do. …,_3rd_Baron_Montagu_of_Beaulieu#Trial_and_imprisonment


As we were coming into Portsmouth Harbour from a trip to France, @unionhotel said that this is “where they finally found Lord Montagu”.

“Eh?”, I said.

“Yeah, they found him bobbing up and down on some buoy”, came his reply.