..the London walkathon

Now is its just me… (being a canterous old bastard), but does the annual celebration of those who walk 26 miles in aid of charity and then get a medal for completing a marathon vex you as well.

Now eliete runners, club runners and those who have trained hard and will don vrunning vests and athletic shorts and run for 4-5 hours deserve my respect - see they RUN a maraton which is not something I could do…and when they rais a few quid as well, even better…

…BUT the bloke with a fridge on his back, the thousands who dress up in ‘fancy dress’ and run 5 miles and walk the rest whilst the BBC patronizingliy tell us we should be in awe of such dedicated athletes (only sport BBC has left is fun runs and posh folk out boating), sorry, but they have not run a marathon… so why do we celebrate their fun run/walk… am I right, or being a miserable cunt?

“It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage”

I’m a low mileage individual.

… fucking 3d dinosaur… and there is World record… :lou_facepalm_2:


Yeah - you’re being a miserable cunt. Life’s too short, GA. Just switch it off.

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Can’t. Mrs GA is determined that she will see her friend from school amongst the 40,000. Although said friend did the Tokyo marathon this year as well so is no slouch and will not be carrying white goods.

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I dont get the walking thing either. Perhaps enterants ought to have to demonstrate that than can run the distance when they apply. Big difference between running a marathon and a fun walk.

I’m told the Race for Life can be worse for this.

Some smug chubsters run at the front shouting look at me for 100 metres, then get in the way when a lifetime of fags and KFCs bring them to a coughing halt.

Tubby chicanes posing for the cameras.

If you want to walk the Race that’s cool - but think of other people and do it from the back.

Whilst watching the Ayatollah in the Southampton half, there were people walking up the Itchen bridge clutching at a stitch whilst passing the 2 mile marker. Now without wanting to sound disparaging - maybe ambition got in the way of rational thought here.