😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


GDPR, and the solution chosen by other parts of the world, notably the US.

Basically, there is now a good proportion of US sites that plain won’t serve you if you’re in the EU. They can’t be arsed with the legislation requirements.

Everyone feeling more protected?


Whilst that might be an up side, I am totally fed up with the greyed out websites that force you into accepting their Terms before they let you read them - I have probably consented to my data being used in far more ways now, than prior to GDPR.


I have two daughters who have kids. For some reason they have named there boy’s
Matias and Matteus both can be shortened to Matt. So when I presented them with the case that I would call the oldest Door and the youngest Car it was like WTF why would you do that.

Well the biggest one is a door mat and the smallest one a car mat was my reasonable answer.

I am still nursing the bruises. :lou_lol:


15 minutes on from the annoyance and the kids finally realise tgat their whole selfie with a star thing has been utterly lost on me. It just whooshed.
The follow on but surely you must know…
Oh come on you’ve heard of… .
I’m now feeling my ignorance can be rewarded by a smug grin.
The kids are just shaking their heads in disbelief


OK, so this is one for word bores and other sad twats like me. Clue in yesterday’s Guardian cryptic crossword:

Spurs letting in header from Newcastle? Nuts! (6)

The solution? Gonads.


For those of us without a brain the size of a planet, can you explain how you get to Gonads from that clue?



Spurs means goads. The header of Newcastle is “N”. Put that in goads, and you get Gonads. Another name for nuts.



Well, you live and learn @CB-Saint

And I am also completely gullible so you could have said anything…


Used to have a friend that was very keen on cryptic crosswords, who would question me on things, but knew better than to tell me the clue, as worded, as that would distract me from what he wanted.
It’s all how you look at the question and unfortunately for you, you’re just like me.
Sorry :grin:


My uncle got me hook line and sinker once,
Uncle Bobby: ‘Gav do you like crosswords?’
Me: ‘Yeah I do’
UB: ‘Good because I’m stuck on this cryptic clue, ‘‘Stolen from the postman’’, any ideas?’
Me: ‘How many letters?’
UB: Chuckles smugly to himself
Me: :lou_facepalm_2:


Yes, it’s a question of knowing how such clues are constructed and therefore being able to solve them. Not brain power as such, more the kind of brain you have. Twisted is good.


Yeah, it’s purely how you look at the question. He was a ground worker, but very good at cryptic, because he knew how to take the wording. Even smart enough to teach me a bit about it


Arriving in France to find my dream of a nice dinner is screwed because Versailles is shut on Sunday.
So order a Pizza delivery with a,€4.90 Asian Grocer wine and an old mate comes round.
We talk shit, drink wine, Tiger is back and the world is in sync…
An unexpected magical evening


Wot you doing in France btw Phil?




Going back to work

Knowing your B2B has done a good job of containing the situation that you had left him.

Now this would be true if I believed it.

I dont my B2B fucked it up again. I have a lot of fixing to do.

Which is my job and I will rectify the known problems


may be you should be “ill” for two weeks and teach the bastard a lesson


I would love to do that but in the back of my mind i cant do it. And know I will be in in worse position than I am.


Taking my walking boots off this evening after 12 hours on my feet in 26C…
And opening the first bottle of French beer


Sitting in the car after work smiling to myself knowing I have a week of tapas and wine / sherry to look forward to


Had a work stag do last night, that is one of the guys from work is getting married so we all went out to get him pissed and have a curry.

He’s a Bournemouth season ticket holder.

We made him wear Saints gear all night long!!