😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

Fucking shameful if it’s true, after the run we’ve been on for so called Saints supporters to boo the team yesterday at half time is pathetic. Reading the match report on the BBC the comments are really slagging us off for doing it, and rightly so. Embarrassing to be honest, and anyone trying to defend and justify it should take a long, hard look in the mirror.

There’s always been an element who will boo, leave early but return when the team takes an upturn and call themselves loyal supporters.
They’re like supporters of the top 6 but rarely attend a game. Just fair weather supporters. Just worthless cunts.

Get it forward!
Stop fvcking around with it.

And a number on Twitter who even now only give grudging praise to Martin because they were so vociferous he was a mistake and so angry we did not sack him in September (Duncan Holley, Saints Mike as examples)

I was guilty of this a couple of times on Saturday - some of the playing out of our six yard box gives me the willies

I do think Russ needs to have a think about this strategy if we go up - fucking about with the ball in your own penalty area when Haaland is lurking about won’t end well


I think i said on here before that it is absolutely wrong that the NHS has more non-clinical staff than clinical staff - literally a case of the tail wagging the dog

Looks like the British Army is going the same way, 76k in the Army, 63k civil servants in the MOD - given how badly MOD stuff up procurement etc you have to wonder what they all do


Probably the same as the procurement dept with the company I work for.

It appears they have employed failed Tesco shelf stackers to procure technical equipment from all over the world ( it doesnt work they are fucking useless)

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Going to the freezer to get dinner and finding out it said defrost thoroughly before cooking🤬

“Billy Connolly returns in a new series.”

Words I’d fervently hoped never to hear again. FFS. :unamused::rage:

Discovered the match was on our TV system last night.

This fucking morning when the Leccy said he watched it Bollocks.

Oh FFS. Fvcking bvnting cvnts

Yesterday was an insanely lucky day.finding Polish Ales cheap.
So i got a lottery ticket.
And FFS got an expenses paid Corporate invite to Oktoberfest instead.
I mean what use is.
Oh wait.


Ok. After the traumas of our failed hot water and heating, new boiler and major replumbing we find ourselves with two devastated rooms to decorate.

I ill-advisibly suggest doing the first one ourselves (ie by me) and set too, making good flaws and two coats on ceiling and walls. Good job, if I say so myself.

However, on Mrs S inspecting my magnificent work she has found almost a square centimetre that is imperfect and my 7 hours work is therefore declared a failure. FFS

Thank fuck I’m going to Southampton on Saturday whilst her ladyship does the gloss. God help me if I criticise anything or Saints lose.