😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

Normally full of “important” people stuck up their own arses - obviously you excepted @Bucks :wink:

I go there quite often for “business meetings “ with suppliers (read as excuse for free food and booze)”.

Very handy for The Drain back to Waterloo though :+1:

Edit - Our COO thinks it’s a fantastic place for networking. I don’t think he’s brought an ounce of business into the firm from it. It costs enough to be a member, so money well spent then…. :roll_eyes:


On my way home. Spot on about the journey to Waterloo, took me just over 7 minutes from the 6th floor of the NED to the platform :+1:

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What is an NED?

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Hotel and restaurant and bar complex, near Bank in the City.

The Ned London
020 3828 2000

The Ned London - Google Suche

Used to be Barclays Bank - totally refurbished as a hotel/ bar / meeting place. Spent a fortune doing it up ( keeping original features like the bank vault) and a load of marketing to recoup the investment- seems they got the roll of the dice.

Happy to go there when someone else is paying. Overpriced pile of wank for anyone who has no idea about what client relationship building is actually all about.

Edit: I say Barclays - it could have been one of the identikit banks.

Tbh there is only 1 Corporate event
Which I have done 5 times in Corporate
Tbh it beats Corporate at s World cup final (Rugby or Cricket)

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Have done corporate Oktoberfest plenty and have got absolutely no business from it - had a blast mind you, but always followed by catching up with Peeps on long wending way home up in Pfalz


There were business opportunities at Oktoberfest?

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Well, if you get invited by suppliers then….

Nah, have known most of them for years, and outside of work, so more a lads jolly….

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Was watching the golf from Dubai, warm happy memories
Then looked out the window

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Get into the spirit, you miserable cunt. :rage::rage::smile::christmas_tree::santa::snowman_with_snow:


Isn’t that banned?
Or just cancelled?

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The Sparrow walked on tbe bonnet and did not clean the screen?

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Fucking I’m a Celebrity is back, which means the ayatollah will insist that it’s on every night for the next three weeks

The Celebrity pool of “talent” must be drying up because they have wheeled out some you tuber who is absolutely shocking - its a hell of an achievement when you can unite the country behind Farage, even Farage couldn’t do that.

The company decided that Supervisers / Managers have to sign of on there direct employees expenses not understanding there are 2 bosses per employee as we work Back to Back . But the system only allows 1 person to authorise which you can only do if you are onboard. So if your employee is onboard and you are on leave his expenses will have to wait. The employees are not happy.

Daughter sent me a photo

Slumming it with a dodgy burger at football before kick off at Spurs Villa game

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