😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


No, he’s signalling the number of wins he achieved in 27 games.


There was no excuse in our office as barely any snow.


The headline news being about the snow we knew was on its way and all the people who got caught in it.


Where are you now Niki? It’s dumping it down in Kent.
When i say dumping, i’m talking in the British sense, where we might get a couple of inches over a whole night, possibly three, or even a panic buy inducing four.


Snowing in Cobham still.


This was as best it got last night.

By the time I got up it was thawed.
Its trying to snow but its just melting.


The ability of some people to panic over nothing, is a wonder of the modern world. Even where you are, there will be people fretting over the imposition(none) of a little bit of weather. Watch and laugh.
Winters are getting less severe, but the imposition of nature more severe every year.
The madness worsens always :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Unless you were on the M3 near Basingstoke last night :sunglasses:


I’ve just driven to Maidstone and the amount of cars abandoned, is embarrassing, for the couple of inches of snow we had.
When did western people become so utterly useless?


When we were kids we just put an old piece of carpet and a shovel in the boot and carried on regardless.


When you were kids, you really should have let the adults drive. Unless they were as useless as today’s adults, then it’s understandable that you had to take over :blush:


:smile: …anyone under 40 is a kid to me.


No, it’s like they’d get sued if you broke an ankle on the way home.


All my Netflix shows.
Are in fvcking Polish.


No shit Sherlock :lou_facepalm_2:




For everyone else:


Yeah but not gonna be installi g a VPN on my Sony telly :slight_smile:

Actually we have a shit load more titles here than we did in UAE. Also, may reactivate my Prime Account in UAE 85% of the content was Bollywood.
Just a few other priorities to sort out first, and that VPN trick may be an udea for our old non smart tv 2 which we will set up in the bedroom linked to an old laptop
Just need to recover the old win 7 operating system from tge recovery disk and we’ll be up & running.


Cast it onto t’big telly maybe?


VPN router?

Looking into this myself since Saintsplayer’s recent change and the IPTV app on my Samsung SmartTV.