😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


I was expecting a certain amount of payment. Thought what i paid her mother and the pocket money i give her, put together would be more than enough. It’s not, by quite some way. £15k a year just for accommodation(small room with en suite). She’s going to want to eat as well, isn’t she(we’re going to have to talk about that). Probably want clothes and shit as well.
She’s still telling me new stuff(costs from my perspective).
I don’t like your world and want no part of it. A condom would have only cost me a pound :lou_facepalm_2:


Plenty of holiday jobs she can do to help pay her way…just be careful how you point this out


She can of course get a student loan

£15k for accommodation?! - I’d assume for that it’d be central London, high-end and fully catered.

Even so, double check that figure. It doesn’t seem right at all. Way too high


To be fair to her, she has already said she will look for a job straight away. Despite my moaning, i have told her to wait until she’s settled in her courses and can then work out what’s suitable, or not.
She’s pretty level headed, so i’m sure she’ll be fine. My real point, is the crippling debt they are prepared put on (basically)children, that don’t even have a job.


Maximum student loan leaves her(me) about 10k a year to pay. Knew it was coming, but when you sit down and go through the figures, it’s a different kind of knowing.
If she takes the maximum maintenance grant, plus tuition fees, that’s 80k worth of debt as well, for someone that has never had a full time job and there are people that argue this is the best way(to produce a slave maybe).


It’s totally unfair and and yet another example of why our government are unfit to rule.

Most students look at the loans as just another tax - but when you look at the eye watering interest rates in the current era of low rates you question who is benefiting financially especially as the Govt offloaded the Current loan book at knock down rates…


The fact that education should be free notwithstanding, take a look at this.

I heard Martin Lewis talk about this (long after my kids had finished education) and he makes a pretty strong case for taking on the loan - depending on likely future earnings.


Cheers @saintbletch some interesting stuff i didn’t know in there, about parental contributions.
This will have to wait another couple of years


Cor, haven’t heard that in a while @Saint-or-sinner.

Crimes against fashion need to be recorded though.


Getting 72kg of luggage into a combination of 4 bags that must total 64kg

Yes obviously anything we can wear is taken out, yes I have big pockets on my cargo pants, it’s just a game of Tetris I keep saying to myself


My eldest will go off to Uni in September too. I can see i’m going to be fucking boracic, for sure. Might even have to relinquish the old Rhino membership. Harsh times.


Borrow father in laws car.
4 miles up the road front suspension spring snaps and blow out in rush hour traffic.
Having not worn a coat or gloves because it was a short quick errand.
In -3C


The absolute melts in the office who have spent the whole wringing their hands, worrying about the biblical levels of snow that is about to hit Southampton

“ I might have to work from home”

Me “Fuck off, you live in Shirley- you can walk in”


Yeah, the bosses let people go home early today if “they were concerned about getting home tonight”

It’s like we’re going to have 30ft of snow overnight.


Travelled up to Shropshire to a meet and greet day with a new client today. Left at 2pm because everyone was worried about the snow in London and Southeast- trains home were delayed because some twonk in the train ahead pulled down the overhead power cables- adding to the worry about not making it home- just got back to Cobham Towers.

No snow…Fucking weather forecasters!

Young Adult #1 says it’s snowing heavily in Exeter though.


Just a bit of snow here to worry about, I’m sure you lot will be fine and running around all right.

Oh wait


When I left home to walk to the local


Pool night?


Nah, that was supposed to be last night


This was my office in London today.