😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Realising the appointment I booked for tomorrow is 10am and not noon. Suppose I’ll have to get up ‘early’.


WhatApp has done something so now when I am typing and it sends me a notification it carries on typing in the pop up window. That is 3 ties now the wrong people who’d just messaged me got a wtf are you on about response from me.


That fucking roundabout at dockgate 20 - how long can it take to fix a round about. Tectonic plates move faster than the traffic into town in the mornings.


car parks that only take coins as a payment option, with the only alternative being a phonecall to a voice ‘recognition’ service.


Bubble wrap & packing tape.
Cardboard boxes & volume weight equations.
Packing lists & valuations.
And fitness to fly/pet passports
LCL vs 20ft containers.
Dismantling IKEA Flat pack units.

Upside? Drinking all the booze stocks


Today, Mrs D_P wanted a Spicy Mutton Biryani from her favourite take away - she used to have them regularly when she worked in that part of town.
It cost £7 for about 3kg of food.
Tbh it was tasty.
Anyway the cat decided she wanted to taste some, she Wolfe’s it down along with rice (our cat is a true memberofthe family)
Tonight the cat is farting curry farts that ate worse than ANYTHING I have ever encoutered.
Pussy farts just took on a whole new meaning


When the company ban the $2.00 football competition I ran on board as,

" its Gambling and you cant do that in our Muslim Country"

It was the only entertainment we had on board basically run to take your mind off being out at sea 24/7 and we always rolled over the kitty if any of the bosses won so that the lower paid people got a bonus.

Bastards. Bosses (that includes you Pap) :slight_smile:
Since I’ve been back onboard all the galley staff keep asking for the comp to be started up.
As I cant afford to be sacked they have now taken it on themselves to run a similar operation but underground


To leave UAE I need a moved out certificate.
To move out I need a No objection Certificate.
To get a No objection Certificate I need to have Final Bills from the Utility companies.
To get a Final Bill, I need?
Yep, a moved out certificate.
And when I have time I’ll tell you about pet passports…


I had to get a pet passport for my dog when we moved to the Philippines from Dubai.
so down to the Blue cross in Sharjah to get the dog spayed over night stay and the food and the cost of the operation. a bloody fortune.
anyway got it all done bought the very large travel box and the ticket more expensive than the kids put together.
Arrive in Manila Customs hold the dog to ransom hand over more money.
and a year later.

we cant find the dog after looking for a bit I found her under the Nippa hut we had in the garden with what looked like a rat chewing her. Fearing the worst I crawl under only to find out she had delivered two pups.
Not only did we not know she was pregnant she should never had been able to get pregnant.

Bastard Blue cross only gave her a nick and a couple of stitches not spayed her.
anyway to this day we still have two of her descendants with us as the family pets.


Headed to Westfield to get my sister’s birthday present yesterday. Went to wrong Westfield for present. Now off to panic buy on Oxford st.


Hid a present for my partner on Sunday (he and my sister share same birthday). Cannot for the life of me remember where I put it. He may get it for Christmas.


The ladies are on Slimming World again, which means I’m on Slimming World.

I don’t go to the meetings, which means I do not have the now infamous “Slimming World shit” in the mistaken belief that turds weigh as much as uranium.

Fucking stinks round here :slight_smile:


You back on the mid week beers again @pap


Nope. Tee-totalling. Bank balance is loving it. Due to the free wine last week, don’t think I spent a penny on alcohol :smiley:


I only went to 7 Government offices today. I will of course lose around £1600 in security/account opening deposits. :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:
Then received a 10 page excel sheet to complete before the cat can be booked & we know what day we fly.


Proof the the “average” person can’t be trusted to vote on anything?


Don’t be so cynical, Cobham. The nation has to have its hero’s. He may be a pissed-up, embarrassing Geordie twat, but he’s OUR pissed-up, embarrassing Geordie twat.


Backwards day today. Questions 're cat flying, not answered.
Sea Freight no answers.
Car sale fell through leaving me in shit
Golf Clubs no answers on how to ship.
Dismantling flat pack furniture taking forever.
On plus side Utility Company were amazingly helpful so may get a £300 deposit back
And I’m missing working at the Desert Classic golf this week


Oi, I’ll have you know Ant is a very driven man.

Celebs tend to be when they lose their licences.


Fuckin’ Windows 10 on my laptop.

Logged me out after leaving it for 20 minutes…switch back on, log in at the welcome page and now the little blue donut sits and thinks about loading the desktop.

FUCK ALL. :rage: