😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Calendars whose first day of the week is Sunday! It’s very confusing.


Lol Dolls.


I swear, if I have to ever watch another minute of ski jumping I’ll go full Bazza.
FFS it’s on 24x7.
OK it was funny that there seems to be some Japanese bloke called Kobyashi Maru or something who nobody can beat but arrrgghh


Related to Raj?


Landing back in the Sand pit.
OK it’s the last time as “home” but could almost feel the waves of depression flooding in as the taxi got closer to the apartment.
Still, the cat was pleased to see us & I had some beer still in the fridge…


Families not appreciating top humour.

I’ve just got new glasses. I’ve binned the Reactions (those glasses that change lens colour when exposed to UV). I’ve now got a normal pair and a pair of prescription pair of sunglasses.

In a lively Facebook messenger review for my family which heaped praise on the virtues of the latter, I exclaimed that “I can go to Glastonbury and perv now without being caught out by a cloud”.

Fucking tumbleweed, init.


Maybe it’s something to do with (I assume, and could be wrong) a predominately feisty female audience. Who maybe in the me too age don’t think men perving on women is amusing?

I now have 5 pairs of glasses. One pair of everyday sunnies for perving and the rest for reading, computers and general being able to see stuff.


Got to feel sorry for the Burton Albion fans all stuck in this on biggest night in their history


Spotify. When my favourite kings of Leon song comes on, i want to hear this.

Not this(must delete).

And they’ve never ever heard of this.


They are going to be thankful that they are still stuck there. 7-0 so far


9:0 now




At least it didn’t finish 10:0

Hope Burton got a good payday for it though.


Sadly not as good a payday as you’d think, the winners of the whole competition only get about £100k (prizes dished out by the football league rather than the FA), add to that a poor attendance and probs cheaper tickets offered by City and that adds up to a bit of a disappointment financially. I guess it’s like winning the thunderball instead of the euromillions, still good but not as good as it could have been.


Ah, just looked it up and you’re 100% right.

Seems a crock of shit then.


Moneywise yeah a total crock of shit, think we got 50k for being runners up.


This makes me despair about the UK today.

Makes you almost want to weep that it is allowed to happen in 2019 ffs.


Austerity. We are all in it together.
Universal credit. Stop the safety net for the most vulnerable.


People that give less than frank accounts about their activities on computers. It has been the bane of my professional life, and to this day, I still don’t know how people think they can get away with it.

I suspect what the lyin’ layman does not know is that pretty much every interaction is logged, so nine times out of ten, something didn’t just stop working or disappear. We can see it stopped working or disappeared, and we can see who did it.

Depresssingly, the first part of any fault resolution involves working out if the customer is telling the truth. I’ve wasted hours before by giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Why in American films and series is the dart board never placed at the correct height?

I have nowhere else to put this but it irks me