😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Fancy them picking on a little weed…bullies. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Should I have gone with the ninja slippers?


When you get so blocked up the snot comes out through your tear ducts and you look as if you have done 5 rounds with Manny Pacquiao


When you get to Stansted 10 minutes before checkin opens.
And it takes 4 minutes to drop your bag off at the new automated Ryanair desks…
Now what do we do?
No not beer driving other end!


And then take an hour to get through security.
Your wash bag is flagged as too big… Oh no it isn’t.
Your Deo is too big oh no it isn’t.
Thanks you gits


What do you do? Provide a running commentary on Sotonians of your progress (or lack of it) until boarding your Ryanair Premier Class accommodation… :lou_wink_2:


That’s why you still need to get there early!


Jeez how in 2018 can people STILL not inderstand NO LIQUIDS…
Anyway made it back to Poland to find DISASTER - village shops are out of Red Bull. I’ve got an all nighter FFS may have to do Espresso & Vodka Shots instead@


Yes the number of people not understanding the liquids thing this year was quite perturbing.


As if they don’t make enough money already

At least Saints are up there on a par with most of the “top clubs”.


Polish TV adverts. This may become a thing…
Watching Commando with family.
In last commercial break I rolled and smoked a cigarette, made a gammon sandwich, refilled my vodka and had a krap.
And the movie still hadn’t restarted, must be almost 15 minutes of adverts!


If I am reading this correctly you went Commando whilst watch Polish TV adverts with your family?


Were the rest of the family commando as well?


Someone forgot to get you reading glasses for Xmas?
We were in honesty too knackered to move after watching home alone 2


When you queue up at the pay at the pump petrol pumps and the person in front of you finishes filling up and then goes and buys stuff from the kiosk…without first moving their car!!!


IT wallahs whi will not pick up the phone but rely on email to get a really urgent issue fixed

FFS it is so much quicker to cal them

If I hear, “well I emailed them an hour ago” one more time, the death thread will have a few more candidates


When you e-mail IT twats always use the recieve and read notifications cause the little fuckers lie. Although they are apart of our corporate engineering life now they are still empire building trying to see how much control they can get the fuckers


House hunting. In Poland.
Real Estate agents are a breed apart at the best of times, we have 2 working days to find somewhere to rent that would make January less stress free.
Problem is I have zero input, everything is in Polish, Google doesn’t like translating on my phone so the girls are watching places pop up and disappear on web sites.
Seems a bad week to be hunting very little on the market, but we are tied by external forces and cash flow.
Saw 2 places this morning, 1 was a total shithole the other was advertised as 1 bedroom it was 1 room FFS


Karaoke in a pub…


I’m on my way!


Why engineers should buy things and not accountants A Frying Pan