😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Excellent ideas, as in you’re going to try them?
Report back when you have please.


When your lift to the airport at 04:45am tomorrow falls through and a pal steps in to say they can get you there at 03:30 - for an 06:45 flight.
Oh well, no sleep for the wicked


When you get dragged along to what you thought was your niece’s Nativity play.
And find it is the (large & apparently famous locally)dance school annual concert thing.
Average 14 kids per class performing dance routines with the grace and elegance of Wesley Hoedt. (& the timing of a Vestergaard tackle)
While she sits and talks to friends I’m the only 1 of 200 people having to watch


90 minutes in. 75 have been intolerable.
But 2 groups did routines to tgat Drake type stuff and were superb - their last gig before going to local Fame Academy thing. They were up there in meme land.
Then they had a MILF group. The effort they put in & determination they rocked and the whole crowd was cheering them inn. #moment ok off to pacl


Bag swabs and checking liquids at Stansted. My bag was about 10 in queue. Genuinely concerned about girl before me who hadn’t bagged up her liquids and had 175ml yoghurt in her bag. Has she been under a stone since the little plastic bag and liquid regime came in? Also never have a yoghurt in your bag without having it in another bag. I learnt the hard way with an actimel once. Mobile phones don’t like yoghurt from my experience.


Where are you swanning off to?


And taking photos of a Ryanair plane on the steps for ages. In pouring rain.
Not knowing how to lock an airplane toilet door.
Ryanair is just not a nice experience.
You must have been tgere same time as us @Intiniki
On plus side zero people at the egates and our bag came off in record time.
Doing family stuff and watching Villa v Leeds


Having to schlep up to London to be just about the only one in the office on Xmas Eve - and South Western Railways doing engineering work…


Not being able to sleep at a "normal " time after finishing a month of nights.


Gran Canaria to spend it with my partner’s family this year. Plus his brothers 50th.

View from our balcony.


Merry fucking Christmas to everyone.


Corals aren’t producing next years diary. The utter bastards. I’ve bought one every year for yonks.

William Hill may be getting more of my custom from now on.

(Bet sensibly, kids!)


My sister in law - I only have to put up with her for 4 hours every year, but I still end up repeatly stabbing the table with a cheese knife and laughing maniacally.

Now trying regain sanity with a bottle of Madeira


Prepping sprouts - fucking time thieves are those green little bastards


But when cooked they’re the food of the Gods



…are you MAD!
Food of the Gods is Ambrosia Creamed Rice, everybody knows that.:lou_eyes_to_sky:


That annoyed us, what about you?


Michael FVCKING Buble


Kill him, or yourself. Whichever is easier :joy:


Everything tastes epic when you add pork products