😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


When shitness conspires to make things more shit. I was picking up ms pap from the train station the other day. I’d arrived with about 5 minutes before her train was due in, and saw that short stay parking was free for 20 minutes. Happy days.

On arriving at the platform, her train is listed as being 3 minutes late. Disappointing, but still workable. Thirty seconds before the parking expires, the train finally rolls into the station, 12 minutes late. There is no time to get back to the car; I end up bunging £2.60 into the meter because whether through conspiracy or chaos, people make money from crapness.

Having kept to the spirit of the agreement, I still wouldn’t be surprised to receive a parking ticket because I bought my 40 minutes after the original 20 had elapsed.



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Sleeping in the wet patch.



Timid old fuckers driving at 35mph on a rural road with a 60mph limit. I’m still a confident and quick driver at 65+ years…timid drivers of any age are more of a danger on the roads. :lou_facepalm_2:



There is a certain irony between your post and your user name



They probably aren’t just old.

I was in a pretty nasty car crash on a country road about 4 years ago. Friend was in hospital for several months because of his injuries, and is still having operations on his face/hip to repair stuff all this time on.

As a result, I am totally and utterly terrified of country roads and get no where near 60 on them.




Yeah me too I only go approx 20mph on rural roads but what i do is drive them in reverse gear so if lifeinslowlane is following me + he gets too close i can flip him bird + make wanker signs right to his dumb FACE



When you go around to your old house (that you still pay for) and your estranged wife (who has just about got back on an even keel after you left) finds nudey photos of your new bird on the home computer because when you left you forgot to turn off the homeshare thing on your mobile phone and they uploaded when you went around to pick up the kids the week before.

And the snaps of the weekend abroad with the nudey bird after you told the estranged wife you couldn’t afford to give her extra for family presents.






French ppl. French ppl are tres rude imo. I remember one time i was working part time at a hotel on the front desk, and this French guest come up, moaning on about something or other. I couldn’t tell you what he was moaning about exactly cos i don’t speak word of French & he didn’t speak word of English. Well I say he didn’t speak English, he knew one word, because he kept calling me a “douche”.

He prob though he would get away with it cos it’s not v.common insult in England, but my mum is American, so I know full well what a douche is, and I don’t have to take that shit. I was like, listen mate, I’m just trying to do a job here. Call me that one more time and you and I, we’re gonna have a problem. But he did, with virtually his next word: “Douche”. So I’ve vaulted the counter and landed one on him, right on his garlic mouth, dislodging his beret, and string of onions, and whatever else.

My manager tried to defend him, typically. She was like, his shower is broken. I was like, so what! That’s no excuse! He’d smell like that if he took 4 baths a day, I guarantee it, stinky French cunt RIP.



Oh, and gr8 story numptyboi srs, I would normal be rofling etc, but mostly, all I can think about is them nudey photos mmmm



OK you timid fuckers…let me put this right. The “rural” roads to which i refer aren’t the narrow, winding country lanes they are wide “A” roads. I use the term “rural” to differentiate from “urban” roads.

I’m not daft enough to drive at 60 along said winding country lanes nor do I tailgate. My username refers to my daily routine and the acceptance that my 1958 alternative conveyance is unlikely to get me anywhere fast. :lou_wink_2:



Keep FUCKING left.

A whole generation seems to be blindly going through fucking life not being taught that.

Pavements. Foot bridges. Cunts.



It is very amusing to watch English people in Amsterdam, stoned off their trollies and rigidly sticking to the left of the pavement, getting gradually more irate as they keep bumping into people head-on. Switch to the right and enjoy a wholly more pleasant stroll stoners!



AHA! Beltch is that cunt on tube station escalators, fucking things up RIP I might’ve known.



This guy was pretty annoyed…



Reckon you’re right bear.

Some funster thought it’d be a hoot to turn tube station escalators into a German autobahn with their marching song of overtake on zee lehft.

It’s obviously confused the 8 year olds I confronted on the footbridge this morning.

How they’ve managed to spend so much time under the ground in London I don’t know.



The boss (the one that pays me, not the Ayatollah)

Actually, today he is slightly more than a little annoyance



Offspring. Cost a f*cking fortune. Whine all the time and have ruined my other halfs ladygarden.



You should send her to a professional for her waxing.



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Offspring. Cost a f*cking fortune. Whine all the time and have ruined my other halfs ladygarden.

You should send her to a professional for her waxing

As pointless as this