😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Unbelivable Jeff has turned up on my Facebook feed

Which means one person I know has befriended him.


i hope they took the Halloween regalia down first. Spare a thought for the sweet baby Jesus.


There is a store here at the ski slope Mall.
Selling Xmas decorations already & playing Xmas songs.
Here ffs


They have always played Xmas songs in the malls in the UAE because the expats frequent the malls ?


Yes but NEVER this early. That was one of the joys of living here, the Xmas stuff got rolled out AFTER National Day weekend (2/4 Dec)
Park & Shop have had their Order your Xmas Pig adverts since BEFORE I went to the Ryder Cup in September!


The joys of multicultural living.

The mrs just bought new Xmas lights for the tree.

Which I have told her she can put up after I have gone back to work on 21st Nov

I expect facebook pictures of an erection (not mine ) on the 22nd


Mrs D_P is on the internet, searching for Xmas presents for the Nephews, Nieces & Grandchildren already.


Finished mine. All wrapped too.


Do you place the bodies under the tree


Bury them under the tree?


Gotta get it all done before the hard frost sets in :wink:


So you dont like Brussel sprouts as well then?


I bought some of these Walker’s Brussels Sprout flavour crisps the other day so you don’t have to.

Don’t bother - they taste mildly of cabbage

(And I think sprouts are God’s own vegetable)


I actually like Brussel Sprouts but very difficult to get them in the Philippinnes after a frost :grinning:


As we are away for christmas my side of the family are meeting on 15th December for christmas. This means not being able to panic buy the week before the 25th. This is causing some of us difficulties. Also we have no idea what to buy each other as we are all adults with most things we need or even want.




Buy them stupid things they dont want then

My sister and sister in law buy each othe a useless pair off socks every year and the worst pair has to be worn .


You should just do a Secret Santa with a £10 limit on the present.

Pick a relation’s name out of the hat, buy them a present, they can even suggest what they want if they like.



The daughters pinching my aftershave.

Came home and found 1 bottle

When questioned daughters responded with we llike it so borrowed them

Can I have them back ?


Wife .

Buy me more aftershave.


Flies that drink your beer then try to fly drunk and cant