😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Supposedly you can see 14 counties from leith hill tower. Cant see more than 14 yards today. National trust cunts.


2 and half days before leave. 2 cases are now causing some issues. I cannot face all the paper work plus travel to get it all done. Why bother going on leave eh?


It turns out European trains are just as shite as at home - in the NL and have seen more cancellations in my time here that a bad day at home

Now sat in a €300 taxi trying to catch a plane



Have been in a taxi from Rotterdam to Schiphol doing the same more times than I can remember.

Also I’ve never been robbed in the UK but had a wallet stolen on a train in the Netherlands.

As an aside, the police actually asked me if I needed a counsellor. I said it was just a wallet but the police officer (female), with a straight face and perfect English said that I should see it as if I’d been violated.

They are deep thinkers those Dutch.


The planning inspectorate have held up the appeal of the freeholders to build 4 flats on top of our block of flats.


You’d be gutted if you’d been sold a penthouse.


I think the tenants at the top are. One is trying to sell at present. It’s going to be a faff for us but it probably won’t impact on us really. It’s the fact it’s only 4 years old. The freehold was sold (without notification) and they want to build something to make approx £2mil in sales. Its not like it’s social housing which is desperately needed in London. It’s just pure greed.


What on earth is this country coming to? Shameful.


Personally, if it was arranged as part of a planned cull (which is beneficial to the overall health of the particular deer population) then I have no problem - particularly if the meat enters the food chain.

Otherwise I can’t condone it.



This one pisses me off - and agree with the sentiment of the story.

A few years back Grandad C_S has a brain tumour removed at Soton General. He was in there for a while.

One thing he wanted was a bit of fresh air so we’d wheel him down to the hospital main entrance only to find ourselves in the middle of a crowd of dressing gowns/ wheel chairs / people on drips etc all smoking fags. He hated it.

As my Dad had a tumour he was on a cancer ward and half the people out front were people from the ward who had most of their lungs removed through smoking - none of them gave a flying fuck about anything apart from their fags.

It was also a small part about me giving up the fags, but that a different story.


When your credit card gets hacked the night before your birthday and you were living off that until pay day and it will take 4 days for a new one to arrive.

  1. cvnts
  2. thank fook I actually read the text message. I haven’t bought flowers in about 20 years let alone online, in Germany, for €200…


" I haven’t bought flowers in about 20 years"

Miserable cunt, you deserve to get hacked :smile:


When you go away with the family for a week and forget your contacts and back up glasses.


Setting an alarm after a week off work. Really not up for a return. At least my commute to the office is just 5 mins walk so doesn’t need to be too early.


Other depts at work sloping off there jobs onto members of your dept, preventing them from doing there proper jobs.


Contractors who come offshore and never complete what they are being paid for. Then request to get off as they have have another job to go to.


flu can fuck right off.


You have to look on the positive side Matt. There’s always the weight loss bonus…drink lots of water.


Corrected for you gents.