😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Oi. Claire Foy is a fellow alumnus of mine.




The lass who played the Queen in the first season.


I still have no idea what you are talking about…


Amazon Storytime

In what sort of fucked up world do we get Alexa to read our kids bedtime stories? What ever happened to bonding with your children and discussing what you’ve just read to them. and then, when they’re old enough, getting them to read to you.

It’s a :redcard: for me


The consultant on the desk behind me that whenever he has conversations with anyone, be it face to face or on the phone, constantly says “yep, yep, yep, yep, yep” :redcard:


Here is another

Now I get Alexa controlled heating or music or what have you, but a microwave?? You still have to take the food to the thing and put it in there - I bet I can push the right buttons far faster than Alexa gets her act together.


You may have been right…


:+1: or :-1:


Keen to not get ahead of myself just yet. But promising noises atm.




The daughter wanted the eldest son to be a God parent but when they got to the church he cant because he is C of E and the christening was a Catholic one. So the Vicar/Bishop he had a Mitre on his head basically told him to sod off and sit down.


That’s how religious wars start.


Trying to book somewhere to stay over Christmas week in Gran Canaria (yes I know this one really a 1st world problem). We never go away at Christmas. We are going for a family birthday. We’ve found some places but when you email they’re not available.
But the main annoyance is my partner who just keeps asking me questions when he could just book something. I usually do the majority of bookings but after doing a shit load of research for a holiday we aren’t going on now. It’s over to him.


Hel-lo my name is Shirley…I am your Internet Service Provider. We have been trying to contact you for some time…
Fuck off Shirley! :lou_eyes_to_sky:


So went to the o2 last night. A seated event. So no 6 foot person standing in front of me. Cool.
Oh no. A woman with a bloody bee hive hairdo sat in front of me. :-1:t2:


Didn’t you have a cigarette lighter? With so much lacquer that would have gone off like a firework. :lou_lol:


Workmen that treat you like idiots for not being experts in their field.

Yesterday I was rudely woken by the Carbon Monoxide alarm in our house going off. Naturally, this was somewhat concerning. I followed what I thought were all the logical steps:

  • Checked the alarm, reset it and changed the batteries - still going off.
  • Shut off the Gas valve.
  • Turned off appliances
  • Opened doors and windows to get some ventilation going.

With the alarm still sounding, I googled next steps, and called an engineer to come have a look at it. Bloke showed up about an hour later (fair play, he was pretty quick). Then pretty much proceeded to talk down to me, and call me an idiot for not knowing that it was actually a faulty alarm - and not an Carbon Monoxide leak.

My sincerest apologies to the gas engineering expert, who I would assume has been trained and has a fair amount of experience, what with this being his day job and all. Surely if everyone was as expert as him, and knew all the issues themselves, he’d be out of a job?


You did the right thing, as you’re not an expert. Better to be wrong than dead.
Bloke sounds like a right twat.


Seems that if you are rich enough there’s always someone you can hire to find a little legal loophole so you don’t get a record