😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Aren’t they also introducing another euro competition?
You must be ecstatic :joy:


So the Sky engineer is booked (2 hours) in to sort out the shitty Sky Q box next week (turning between 8am to 5pm) and low and be-fucking-hold, the shitty Sky Q box has got its shit together and started working.

The engineer will arrive, think I’m a knobber for wasting his time and fuck off saying nothing is wrong. Then as he turns out of the road the shitty Sky Q box it will forget it is supposed to be part of the Sky collective and stop working.



I heard that the plan was to introduce a competition for teams that make it to the finals of their respecitve league’s cup competition.

They haven’t thought of a name yet but are thinking of something snappy like the Cup Winners League :lou_facepalm_2:


Stupid members of staff who click on links in, obvious, phishing emails and then enter their username and passwords in the boxes provided :lou_facepalm_2::lou_facepalm_2::lou_facepalm_2:


You have met my back to back then.

I get so many crap mails the first week I arrive back offshore it is unbelievable.


5 members of staff (that we can identify) have been compromised! This has made the security team decide to reset ALL staff passwords meaning we’re all being dragged off of our proper work to man phones to talk people through changing their passwords (after having their password on their account set to a temporary one).

The word overkill springs to mind, along with waste of time and effort as you know some idiot is going to click on a link in an email next week and do the exact same thing.


Once upon a time when we were a tiny business, I had control of the passwords.

When some knob clicked one of these emails and needs a password reset I would set it to something like “Imustremembernevertoclickonsuspiciousemails” and then tell them they were stuck with that for 30 days. It used to entertain me no end listening to them trying to log in in the morning, cursing and swearing.


Not so much an annoyance, probably more of a disappointment.

Got invited to an interview at a really interesting company a few weeks back. Nearly didn’t go, as the role was a pretty big step up. Eventually I decided, "fuck it, why not?’, treating the whole thing as a bit of practice and a learning experience.

I went in pretty relaxed, not expecting any chance of getting anywhere with it. It went far better than I could have expected. Got a call the very next morning, asking me back for a 2nd interview, obviously now much more nervous, and really liking the sound of the company/role. It went ok, but clearly not as well as the first one. They’ve now been quiet for about a week - so I’m guessing it will probably be a no.

Got a random unsolicited email from another recruitment agency, asking if I’d be interested in the same role at the same place. Guess that means I ain’t got it. Not the best way of finding out :unamused:


Not necessarily - It could be the second round is over a couple of weeks


Once went for a job that I heard went to a redeployee before I was told. So why advertise it? Add insult to injury. I had to go train the person. It was essentially the same job but their post paid more than mine.
I had an interview on Monday. Didn’t get it and was cool about it. But today woke up remembering I’m still stuck where I am. Been a struggle today.


Just too damn early.


Sainsbury’s have had a discrete section for the last month or so - noticed last night it looked fuller that previously- Xmas creep?


On our team meeting agenda tomorrow - xmas party… I got in first (as only perm member of staff) for christmas leave so that’s going to go down really well.


You get priority surely?

I always let everyone take Xmas leave to do family shit…

I don’t to avoid family, but spend Xmas / new year slacking at work…,



My back to back is a Muslim so we try to work it so he gets Ramadan off and I get Christmas New Year off.

Last year he told me dont bother altering the rota I will have Ramadan onboard and you will still get Christmas & New Year off.

Why’s that then. He replied “I have two sets of inlaws that hate each other so if I am offshore they dont meet and peace is kept. “


My partner who is a manager felt I should get priority as the permanent worker too. Unfortunately everyone wants this Xmas week off. You can get a week and a bit for just 4 days if you take 31st as well.
But I have worked all other year’s Christmases (they are quieter). But we must have staff in to deal with any child protection cases. Maybe they need to have a skeleton staff in from all teams over that period. But they don’t really like to think about systems and make improvements.
The only reason we want this time off is for a trip abroad for a family birthday (a 50th). Otherwise I’d be working as usual.


No problems here, the Uni shuts down over Christmas so we get an extra 4 days off without getting it taken out of our (already generous) allowance.

This year, because of the way the days fall, w’re getting 7 days off rent free I think…


When you’re having an adventure day having a quiet smoke and there’s this cute lass who smiles as she goes past because you’re holding the granddaughter.
Then find you can’t go in to part of the building because they’re filming something.
Daughter comes up and says omg did you speak to her and I’m like yeah she smiled and said have a great day, and daughter says why didn’t you get a selfie…
Anyway what is The Crown?

Apparently I’m a dinosaur dork…
Hi hum


It’s a Netflix thing about the queen. Yawn.


When someone tries to take money out of your account from Indonesia. If only I was in Indonesia again. Card blocked.4-7 days before new one arrived. May help me save a little.