😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


You are a true Sotonian!

We mainly build things out of crap


But actually @Llwybr-Cyhoeddus if we get to a meet up - let’s makeit a post match meet up. We may have stuff to talk about


You can talk shit before or after.


When the dogs look at you and you can see they are asking “ What the fuck does that wanker want now”


More like they got used to not having you around and they are thinking “that cunt’s in my seat”


The ones by the bar you are 100% correct.


Low cost airline check in queues.
Fast bag drop :joy::joy:


Given that my alcohol tolerance levels are best described as sub-Bletchian. Should I get to a match day session that would be guaranteed.


Standing in said check-in queue. Guy in a suit comes up from about 6 people behind and berates me for pushing in. I was “behind him”
Guy in front and guy behind us stare at him in amazement.
Mrs D_P was less subtle. “No, he was always in front of you, the queue simply went around that corner between the ropes, see?”
I did very well not to chortle.

Anyway Mrs D_P is on her way and I’m being raucous…
Well, I’m watching the cricket without being disturbed or moaned at for not watching Netflix


That really looked llike a crap way to beat the queues at Nandos.

Hope Luke Shaw is OK


This is a good example why the BBC and MSM piss me off

The story is not about what the headline implies- he had nothing to do with what happened, apart from being inconvenienced :lou_facepalm_2:


Blimey, I’m getting grumpy this evening…,

One of my bucket list of places to visit is Svalbard.

Just did a Google street map tour of Longyearbyen the main town.

Surprised at the number of cars hotels and bars etc, but wasn’t best pleased to see what appears to be a couple of white guys taking a picture of a black guy on their phones as a curiosity. I may have misinterpreted the pictures but go have a look yourselves…take a walk up the main (only?) street…


Glasses (the ones for eyes) that somehow end up needing to be cleaned all the time.





Yep…buy the best…cry once. :+1:


Jacob Rees-Mogg on the TV all the blooming time.


Odious character- him, not you @Intiniki.

Politics in the uk is in a sad and sorry state if JRM and Clown BoJo are the only newsworthy characters held up as the figureheads of Brexit.


Going to the tyre shop expecting to get a puncture repaired, came out having had to replace all of the tyres and am £500 worse off.

Felt like I had stood in the middle of the garage, legs apart and invited each of the mechanics to give me their best Jonny Wilkinson impression.


Can’t you fix a bike puncture yourself?