The last supper

The last supper


No, not another MLG wind up thread.

was having a particularly good spag Bol tonight which has to be my all time favourite comfort food. So question is, if you had to choose your last supper what would it be?


Surf and turf I reckon.


Roast chicken.


White Rhino.


Roast suckling pig.


Death row prisoners famously get to choose their last meal, but if you get hit by a bus, you could go down having consumed alphabetti spaghetti on toast (if you eat that sort of thing) as your last meal.

Murderers get the meal they like. Innocent passers by could wind up with cheap branded mass produced scran. This fucked up world. :lou_wink_2:

Nice chili for me, probably cooked by the missus or myself.


My legendary* ribeye steak, thick-cut chips and pepper and mushroom sauce.

Or a Greggs’ steak slice.

* well it’s a legend in my own bathwater.


Set meal for 8 from the local Chinese. Make the fuckers wait.


I have lived close to Sayers, basically the Liverpool Maccy D’s for pies, a bit like Greggs but not as classy, a few times in my life. They’re all over the place, so they’re difficult to avoid.

The amount of weight I tend to put on is indirectly proportional to vicinity. My current Sayers is about 100 metres up the road, and occasionally does me for a cheese and onion pasty.

When I lived in Kenny (Kensington) in 97/98, we had a Sayers about 20 metres away from our house. You could smell pies cooking in the morning. I was a fat bastard.


Fish and Chips with buttered white bread and a cup of tea…magic!


With mushy peas and tartare sauce (the fish and chips not the cup of tea). Yum.




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Which my uncle claimed tasted of “peach melba”.

They either had extremely tasty women or extremely shit peach melba in the early 1980s.

Or my uncle was a lying fucker.


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With or without toping?


Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Satay.


Chicken Phal, Onion Bhagi and 4 Cobras. Then I could gas my way out of whatever fucked up situation was making it my last supper.


As many different cuts of the pig that you can get from Black pudding to the roasted Suckling pig mentioned earlier, Parma ham green back bacon, honey roasted ham pork chops, sausages scotch eggs. a leg. and every other one there is.

I just love pork.