The kids

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A glimpse of how #saintsfc nurture talent via Under-8s development coach @LouieCordwell

footage via @CoachingManual

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…ironhandedly dreamed-up by Optimus trousers…beta v1.5

so cute!

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We need the rename the Clyne line!

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The Cedric Circle?

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My granddaughter can do all that stuff (without belonging to a football club). But she’s busy right now at a cricket coaching course.

And I wanted her to be a ballet dancer lol


no one likes a show off, Ruth.

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Aren’t most footballers prima-donnas these days??

Oops, wrong art, prima-ballerina doesn’t quite work does it??

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Look at those haircuts! Trendy little fuckers. Half expected to see full-sleeve temporary transfers on their arms.