⚽ 🔃 The January 2023 Transfer Thread

Has anyone heard of a less Saintsy transfer rumour?

Linked with Chris Wood, the final indignity.🤦

Sounds a plausible alternative to Gakpo. Quick, silky feet, prolific goal scorer… wait…

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Tbh fair Play we even tried to sign him

So, to get this straight… we are such a stepping-stone club nowadays that we don’t even have to sign the fucking player anymore in order to further his career for him? All we have to do is show an interest and his value to the Big Clubs goes through the roof??


It appears if we are “close” it is a traditional Saintsy singing because everyone has him going to Leeds or Watford :man_shrugging:

Does this mean Larios is crocked long term?

I interpreted it to mean he either wasn’t getting game time or had been a very naughty boy. Complete speculation on my part as I struggle to energise myself to follow Saints, let alone Port Vale.


Here you go:


27 days seems long enough to let this thread lie!

So we’ve (or at least some of us) watched enough of the World Cup, is there anyone THUS far you would shell the pesos for at the over the odds ‘World Cup Prices?’

I hear that we may break our transfer record for an upcoming Portuguese talent by the name of Goncalo Ramos…£25m by all accounts.

I wish.
Think that may now buy his left ear.


Yep - a World cup hat trick has to add £20m to any price tag. Our best bet is that Ronaldo manages to finagle his way back in and Ramos is sidelined again

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I reckon his disembodied ear could score more goals than Adam Armstrong.

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The one team below us in the table are spunking £45m on a new striker before the window has even opened.

After last night I think we can safely say that we still need some attacking quality.

Over to you Rasmus.

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Isco is a free agent now - CHDAJFU? Might bring a bit of attacking verve