The Jackal vs The Matrix


For the first time ever in pro boxing, we not only have two world champions meeting, but they both happen to be double Olympic champions.

Never happened before and no one is talking about it. That’s fucked up, because these two bring a whole new level of skill to the table(they are a different level to anything that has been before).

Guillermo Rigondeaux wastes no energy, whilst making opponents look stupid, then strikes as fast as a snake. A truly great exponent in the art of making your opponent work hard for no reward.

Only one problem for him tonight, he’s up against Vasyl “hightech” Lomachenko. The man they now call the Matrix. To my mind, already the greatest technical boxer i have seen. This man has everything, i don’t see him taking a loss for a long time.

This video from one of our members?

Is no one excited about this?

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Nope. Not my bag. Sorry.


You don’t ever watch boxing?

Lomachenko is better than anyone you would’ve ever seen. He took the title in his third fight. It’s serious high end art.

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8th pro fight against Nicholas Walters(highly regarded as awkward, fast and a devastating puncher). Lomachenko takes him apart bit by bit, to the point he quits on his stool. It’s fucking beautiful in its execution.


I get the build up, the showmanship etc, but I don’t get the hitting each other bit.

Not going to knock your enjoyment of the sport but it doesn’t float my boat, it’s that simple, no attempt to put it down, sorry.


Build up and shownamship i don’t care about. The bit you don’t get is not the getting hit, but avoiding getting hit and these two are phenomenal.

Not going to knock your enjoyment of the sport but it doesn’t float my boat, it’s that simple, no attempt to put it down, sorry.

Get that, but will say this is a match of two fighters that are at such a high level(think the best you have ever seen and double it) that you don’t have to have an interest in boxing.

All that said, i reserve the right to change my mind completely if they don’t deliver :lou_smiley:


I watched the fight. It was very under hyped unlike some recent fights, which was crazy considering the level these fighters are at.

Anyway Lomachenko made him quit on his stool after schooling him. I don’t think I’ve seen a better boxer than him. He seems to have taken the art to a whole new level. Absolute genius.


That’s the third or fourth time in ten odd pro fights. He’s got every chance of being the greatest ever.

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Loma is god Rigo can do one. Boring quitter.


Lomachenko is unreal. To make someone as good and hyped as Rigondeaux quit on his stool is astounding.

What will it take to beat him? A lucky punch? A dodgy decision? It’s hard to see anyone truly outboxing him.


Boxing fan @gwc ?

Think the only thing that will stop lomachenko is age or jumping to many weights(doubt he would do this).

Have you had a look at our own Josh Kelly? Silky smooth and avoids punches just like lomachenko. A very bright future for this young man.

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@saint-or-sinner very much so.

I like the look of Kelly a lot. Will be good to see how far he gets.

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Er, no.

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Lomachenko moving up to lightweight.

Rumoured to be fighting Pacquiao or Linares…


Not Pacquiao according to Vasyl, which i must admit i am happy about as Manny would stand no chance.

"If I decide to finish my career tomorrow, I am not going to ask some guy from a lower weight category to conduct the farewell fight. It’s good money, but that’s not why I’m fighting. “Me and my father, we both just know it (fighting Pacquiao) will not give me anything,”

Linares will happen.

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