:mapoftasmania: The "I've Just been a bit of a Map-of Tasmania" thread

:mapoftasmania: The "I've Just been a bit of a Map-of Tasmania" thread


OK … we all like to be nice. But let’s be honest, we have all at times been a bit of, or even a complete Map of Tasmania. Well fear not, this is the thread where you can share your most evil Map if Tasmaia moments. Unburden yourselves and seek forgiveness from the MOT brethren. As the best Map of Tasmania on the forum, I have been granted the power to absolve you of your Tasmanian moments and if I see fit reduce your crimes to mere ‘Acting like a Twat’ status…

So who is willing to be released of guilt ?


Gonna need a YouTube Masterclass or something MoT…I don’t think I have it in me. :lou_wink_2:


You first.


We’re gonna need a bigger thread.


I suspect this thread ain’t gonna kick off until Friday evening.

Luckily I’ll be out getting pished on my work annual “away day” (seems like a normal Friday to be fair, just with more people) so be warned…



I was at a festival and we quickly formed a little camp with ms pap’s ginger mama act. It was a good camp, and we have retained the contact details of nearly everyone we met. Except one. I still feel bad about it, but he was ex-military, turned up with no mates, and was one of those people who’d insist on telling a better story than what someone else had just contributed.

I do sort of admire him for one thing. He cut out the middleman when telling jokes. He’d just hold his phone up in front of your face instead of reading it out.

Being positive, he was not a plagiarist.


Had a girlfriend at the time who just got a promotion I was in the running for. Spent the evening “celebrating” whilst all the while fuming she got it. Let’s just say we weren’t a couple by midnight :cowboy_hat_face:


Perhaps she saw you in a new light…as a LOSER!

Opps…sorry did I say that out loud…bit cuntish really. :lou_facepalm_2:


The MOTs scale

5 - Complete and utter MOT - Think Best mate found in bed with your mrs AND your mother (at same time), burglars, crims
4 - Complete MOT - Most Politicians
3 - MOT - snidey going behind back/backstabbing/ making people cry (especially loved ones)
2 - Bit of an MOT - anything not very nice/morally questionable
1- Being a Twat - what we tend to be most days

So when confessing, please provide your estimate of where your actions would have been on teh scale…


Nah, got sick of being yelled at by her ALL THE TIME, so I went Mach 2 MOT on her. Years later she became my boss too. Karma right there folks. Got outta that job pronto but not before some MOT 3 action. My karma bank is not looking v healthy let me tell you!


Never going to happen as I have been MOT 2/3/4 to everybody my whole life


@saintbletch - you try putting quotation and apostrophes in correctly with autocorrect on a fricken phone… but thanks for correcting… sort of…