The Intentional Happy Clapper Thread

Right you bunch of muggy cunts … fuck off with all this smeggy negative crap.

Look at the positives …

We have only 2 lost in Europe since 1984, both narrow 1-0 defeats Bucherest and Midgetland. We’ve only ever lost 1 home Euro match ever Anderlecht way back in the 70’s.

We have only lost 3 league games in the last 14 stretching back to early March … all decided on cunting cheating refs decisions … Leicester 2 stonewall pens to us not given, Man U Shaw fouls himself and then the farcical string of events at The Arse. This season has seen a continuation of the Refs witch hunt against us with 3 pens already conceded. But for them we’d be clear top. FACT

We are unbeaten at SMS since Feb 27 by Chelsea … pretty sure them and the ref cheated.

Unbeaten in The FA Cup since last January

Unbeaten in The League Cup since last December

I could go on and on, but it would be wasted on you bunch of bed wetting fannies.

Wake up, smell the coffee and enjoy being a Saints Fan … well at least until this afternoon’s game :innocent:


Eric are you watching in the UAE or at St Mary’s? so we know who to blame if it all goes Pete Tong

Eric, show me on the dolly where the bad man touched you…

What a great week!

A fantastic win in the Europa League, the team is gelling, Austin and JayRod are in the goals, the defence looks solid, and we still have our new superstar to come in.

Clearly Puel knows what he’s doing and is the man to take us into this new era, another top appointment from Les, and Kat, who is clearly dedicated to pushing us on.

Only the other day she was spotted having a secret celebratory lunch with people who will be increasing the power of the brand across new territories - Saints are going global!

Ronald had clearly taken us as far as he could and Poch had no plan B - and once again we managed to freshen up the squad by having a good clearout of deadwood in the summer.

We are in good hands and the future is red and white - with a big red panel on the back.

Today I’ll be in the car park punching anyone who is posing for the Echo brandishing their season ticket and looking stern, if anyone wants to join me, come tooled up, but in a positive way. :smile:



I’ll be in The Franny Benali Stand @barasti.

A major problem is that as I’m working later I’ll be drinking water and will have to suffer the game stone cold sober, so doubtless it will be a shite 0-0 bore draw.

Hang on this is supposed to be a happy clappy fred … I’ll be able to savour every moment of our resounding 4-0 win and won’t need to check on the internet the next morning what the score was and who scored :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Umm … tempted to down vote for interferring with my Happy Clappy place. :astonished:


See, what was there to worry about?

Onwards and upwards, were now 14th in the table ffs!!

League title, FA cup and Champions League? Not a problem…

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Wife still away?

You’re back out on your own down Barasti?

OK, at least I know how you caught the Happy Clap.

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It’s all going according to the masterplan. Now that we’ve got rid of that nomark Koeman, we’ve once again got a manager that’s trickier than a bag of traps.

Just as Adkins hid the iceberg of his genius, displaying only an overly positive plassy scouser with a limited number of catchphrases, the impersonation that Puel does of a dull, impenetrable Frenchmen over-relying on a few key words is one of the great, understated pieces of chicanery the football world will _NEVER _know about.

Behind the scenes, and away from the prying eyes of the media, he actually has the Most Exciting Voice in the World. Even more exciting than the priest who gets knocked back for this lingerie department gig.


You obviously missed my reference to this when Claude first opened his gob! :smile:

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Is it a little early in the evening to gloat at all those bed Watters who melted down about the depth of our squad while our team of cloned 3ft tall midgets tear Palace to shreds with such stunning and vibrant attacking football?

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If anything you should have been gloating earlier :lou_wink_2:


Yay we’ve got Sunderland in the next round, the firmament and team have gelled so this should be an easy one…

Three from three, who is going to crack first and sing Claude Puel’s red and white army?

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