The hypochondriac identity

The hypochondriac identity


Since Sotonians poster @hypochondriac signed up, debate has raged as to whether he is @hypochondriac

This has been alluded to on many threads, argued about in pubs and caused @sadoldgit (who leaves zero doubt as to his cross-forum credentials) to rekindle the Beef Thread. And good job, that man. Exactly what it’s there for.

Even so, I think it would be nice to settle the matter, once and for all.

If hypo is game, I will award him 250 points for playing. Anyone that chooses wisely in the poll once the matter is resolved will also receive 100 points.

The way it’ll work is this. I’ll send a codeword to @hypochondriac , @saintbletch and @goatboy via Sotonians PM. If we see that codeword pop up on TSW, the ayes will have it.

No resolution within a week and the nays get the day.

    1. He is not TSW hypo, and is merely overly fearful about his health.
    1. He is TSW hypo.

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Is anyone running a book on the outcome?


How many points for not giving a shit one way or the other, Pap?


At least two for my upvote.

I’d like to give you a badge for your work in defending Icke’s pad from reptilian attack, but David says we’re not allowed to talk about that.

Besides I seem to attract mysterious downvotes when I mention the Icke/Wight connection :lou_sunglasses:


Can you add a “none of the above” option to the poll?

Where has the debate been waging Pap, all I’ve seen recently is a meltdown over the new font and @fuckwit tags?

or is this thread only for those ITK?



Ah, and by bothering to read back on a few threads I see where this one has come from …


Still, can we have a “none of the above” option in the poll?


:lou_lol: Pap, your Isle of Icke/Halo connection is becoming almost as tedious as the Soggy/hypo love-in … but I shall resist the down-vote button.

Talking of which, when are you gonna announce the result of that poll?


Just had ANALSEX in a PM.

What’s that all about?


We’ll go for tomorrow. @pap


Are you sure you’re talking about Theresa May, bletch?

The Americans got confused lately.


Yes, well, the numbers 6 and 9 have occasionally got me into a tangle on Friday night as well, Pap.


I voted 'imposter - mainly for the same reasons as the other forum inteligensia - not so much linguistic differences which could be put down simpy to be ing free to speak without his tongue being wedged inside a Turkish ring, but he does not come across as a cunt


Hypo is Hypo I know this.



I’ll be genuinely astonished if they were the same person. The real Hypo would post non-stop on here just as he does on SW; he quite clearly can’t help himself. I remember the original getting banned for a short while, and resurrecting the forum id of an ex-girlfriend just to carry on posting. Magical.

And then there’s posting style. Not something that’s easy to describe or define, just something that you can spot somehow. It’s partly use of words, but it’s a lot more besides. We all have our own style of writing - were this not the case, how would one writer parody another? Back in the day I spotted each and every incarnation of Dune on SW within two or three posts, even if the subject matter didn’t make it obvious (and I could have told pap that Barry was never Dune, come to that. But the Barry/pap date was just too beautiful to stymie, and pap wouldn’t have believed me anyway).

Just put it down to my famed skills as a cunning linguist.


Valid and interesting stuff, @fowllyd , but I’m the opposite; I will be astonished if the two Hypos turn out to be different people: I reckon the SWF Hypo would have denied being the Papsweb Hypo … or perhaps he already has and I’ve missed it? (tbh, I probably haven’t read his every utterance on SWF).

This business of posters’ differing personas is interesting. I agree with you that it was usually very easy to spot a banned poster returning on SWF under a different name; but, imo, it’s not so easy linking Papsweb characters to their previous SWF identities. Jack Schitt, for instance, was very different on here compared to on there. To some extent forums mirror life insomuch as most people – not all – modify their behaviour (and, by extension, their personality) according to the company they keep.

We must also take into account the additional factor of posters creating forum characters that may or may not be an accurate reflection of their true characters in ‘real-life’. Consider, for instance, that lovable, cuddly, extremely funny, amusingly astute, furry animal that brightens up our lives on papsweb. For all we know, he might not even be a real bear. :lou_sad:

Anyway, back to not giving a shit.


There appear to be a number of flaws in pap’s cunnting plan to determine if our @hypochondriac is The Other Place’s hypochondriac.

Firstly, I no longer read TSW (despite still being a full member with money to burn), so I won’t be able to see if The Other Place’s hypochondriac has committed a public display of ANALSEX (the CODEWORD).

If someone points me to the post where I can see ANALSEX by The Other Place’s hypochondriac, I will, of course, be able to confirm the use of the CODEWORD.

Secondly, if our @hypochondriac is NOT the other place’s hypochondriac but IS pally with her, then a few PMs between them over there will see ANALSEX casually exchanged so that it can be discussed by The Other Place’s hypochondriac.

And we’ll all have been duped by our @hypochondriac and The Other Place’s hypochondriac sharing ANALSEX!!!

Thirdly, The Other Place’s hypochondriac may routinely discuss ANALSEX in her posts or PMs, so setting that as the CODEWORD is going to prove nothing!!!

This is all very John le Carré.

Can I wear a Panama hat (orange) and try to get Deep Throat?

FWIW @fowllyd 's post above nailed it for me.


I’m not sure even I give a shit but what is to stop the more cunning poster from imploring SW hypo to use the codeword via pm thus extending the ruse if such a ruse existed?


I reckon it’s time to dust off the @saintbletch Muppet Show Word Cloud and Word Bubble ID software.


Careful hypo, you wouldnt want to get chased off here “with ridicule.”


My ANALSEX had a question mark after it.

You must be too easy.