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The wind is causing all sorts of problems for the “some” of the players…


Bogey for McIlroy

McIlroy +6 (7), Spieth +5 (7), Mickelson +4 (7)

Almost, almost for Jordan Spieth. His birdie putt rolls up to the side of the cup but doesn’t drop. He drops his putter to the ground and covers his faces with his hands in disbelief. I think Jordan is a little frustrated but a lot of the issues have been his own making today.

Rory McIlroy has missed that difficult par putt and drops back to +6.


This is certainly not a home of happy Golf Stories for Rory

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Bogey for McIlroy

McIlroy +9 (10)

With 10 holes played Rory McIlroy has now hit three double bogeys and four bogeys. It has been an absolute nightmare.

There are only four players worse off than the Northern Irishman.


Tiger having fun on the 1st hole. He might have putted out before it gets dark.


The world has got very weird.

A match day thread about golf.

On a Saints forum.

That I hadn’t posted on.

Sod Rory love to see my mate Poult’s win it. Damn I’d have hours of stories to bring back to life



Happy Gilmour is alive and well, and playing on the Asian Tour!!

He’s becoming an overnight sensation lol


See? he still attracts almost as many fans on course as I do…




Just a small prep for the Ryder Cup. My actual job there & at DPWTC is to work with the press team.
My main job and greatest thrill is to work with a guy called David Cannon. He worked up north in a Mill, got made redundant and took up photography. He help found Getty Sports Images library, and is one of the greatest sports photographers in the world and such a great guy.
For me. When he says Thank you at the end of a week it means as much as when Rory or one of the other lads do it.
He’s over in the States this week working at the US PGA well worth following on Twitter.
Today he did a technical set comparing ball striking of Rory, Tiger & Justin.
I’m posting this because if you like snaps let alone golf, these are stunning technically timing wise


Hello please, I would like a link to a stream of good coverage of this PGA Championship final day action round. All the streams I’ve found are following one group or another. Please help me, please.


Sign up for a free 7 day trial to 11 sports


Do I have to sober up within the week to cancel it?


Wait, there’s no 7 day trial option. You’re trying to make a monkey out of me!





Yes, you’ll have to sober up to cancel it


I’ve literally Googled the exact words on that advert and found nothing. I can only assume that I’m prohibited from all fun.




That’s genuinely worse than the shit streams. But that’s not your fault, and I thank you.


I watched the golf on an airplane yet it isn’t available in the UK.
How shit is that #moneygrabbingyanks


Fair play to Tiger for pushing all the way in a Major.
Makes him a shoe in Captains pick for next month in Paris barring injury.
Passed my fitnessctests last week. Some basic gym work and no beer diet left to do.
Need to sort out a mega insurance claim & compo from Ryanair then time to start the real Ryder Cup build up