The great news thread

The great news thread


If you have had great news today, post it here


Just been told that three cases of Chateau Mersault “Les Perrieres” will rock up tomorrow :lou_lol:


The Ayatollah popped out to the shops to sort tea. She returned with bangers and mash and 6 King goblin. I love her.


Today’s great news in the fatso world is that I have almost booked two holidays…one family one with a lovely villa in Italy and one debauched one for peanuts in Bratislava with friends. I tend to find that if there is nothing to look forward to then there is no point in living.


Daughter arrived home from the UAE for a week,

Supplies of salami and pate from Spinneys gratefully recieved.


Mrs C_S and mother-in-law are taking kids out for an early tea while I stay home and watch the footie.

Perfect…now, where’s the beer…?!



Got friends coming round for a curry tonight but Mrs SOG has just said its ok for me to pop over the road to the pub to watch the match so long as I’m back for 7:30. Woohoo!!!


Great news … we’re not playing Chelsea on tuesday


Thank fuck. You had me worried for a while on the other thread



Did it turn up? Otherwise this needs to go in the Bad news thread which you will be starting :lou_surprised:


Also it could be bad news for the poor delivery driver who has another 73 deliveries to make before he can go home to his wife and kids. :lou_wink_2:


This is not great news for the family but made me laugh