The Full English at European finals


What do we all think of English clubs occupying all four berths in Europe’s major honours? It’s the first time in history that this has happened, and has already been dubbed “The Full English” by pundits.

I’m ambivalent about who wins what (the in-house scousers will piss tears either way), but I am quite intrigued to see how this is perceived around the world.

To that end, here is a photo gallery from the English language version of Marca.

The Full English. Has it satisfied you?

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The good thing is two team are going to lose (I have my preferences). Unfortunately it can’t be more.



Superb. The pessimistic view is posited early on!

Good work, Cobs.

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Only 6000 tickets per set of fans for the UEFA final in Azerbaijan. Some serious fucking backhanders going on there.



I’m fucked as I fly out with family who are reds for a week on the day of the final, I’ll get bleating or gloating either way.



Well, thought it best to get it out of the way early



That is shocking. Two thirds of tickets NOT allocated to fans.

The other possibility is that it’s a public order thing. The host cities may be uneasy with having to control hordes of “ze English 'ooligans”, or at least, not more than they need to. Our fans do tend to have an “occupying” tendency when abroad.

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Yeah, yeah. "I’ll fly out with the family, you say.

You’re fooling no-one, Barrington. We all know that you’ve used one of Big Bronze Hans’ smuggled WW2 bullion bars to pay for your Champions League final executive box, and a stream of Liverpool replica shirts laid before you like petals as you make your way from the airport to the game in your ruby-encrusted full kit.

I’m actually quite jealous :wink:



I fucking hope they lose but there we go.

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Has always been thus to be fair, fans of the teams get a measly allocation compared to the sponsors, hangers on etc. etc.



Comments are worth reading:



I know that this will be a controversial opinion on this virulently anti-LFC, but I’d rather Liverpool won. I’ve got three Liverpool fans in my immediate vicinity; both my daughters’ boyfs are LFC fans too. I can’t deal with the crying I’ll get when they lose.

Besides, the last time they won the CL final, their fans were not that bad. I was living here full time, at the time, and there was a night of beeping, a day of traffic being blocked up, and a year of being relatively proud about getting a major honour.

Didn’t last, and they still haven’t won the Premier League, which is what they really want.

Heard an interesting fact on podcasts this week.

They say Klopp can’t win finals, and Pochettino hasn’t won anything. One of those things won’t be true after the final.



Fuck that I want the crying and bleating.



You’re not looking at this the right way.

It’s worth a poll, I reckon.

Who is going to be the most insufferable set of fans after the European Cup Final if they win?

  • Spurs
  • Liverpool, if Man City win the League
  • Liverpool, if they’ve won the League

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This is on the basis that the bin dippers win in Europe?

What if they lose?



The Malaysians are happy with it as they all support English teams and JDT (local Malaysian team)
They have all asked
“why dont they move the finals to Wembley it will save on travel and more supporters can go”
Answer is I have no idea but it would make sense which means it will never happen.



This is what i don’t get about all the disappointment that Liverpool beat Barcelona, even as shocking as it was.
The sweetest gift was always the “so close, maybe next year” and that’s what i’m hoping for, to the point man city draw, Liverpool know and van dick puts a header, against an open goal, from 3 yards wide/high(who cares), to hand the title to city.
Spuds might need some help from Liverpools op on Sunday(a few crunching tackles) to have a chance, but they’re pretty good on their day, so there’s still hope of a clean sweep.

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No difference.