The "FowllyD can't log in at the moment so insult her with impunity" thread

Have at it (while the silence lasts)…

Hang on, the Welsh one is female?

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Yeah she has a cracking arse too and can suck a basketball through a hosepipe. If you turned up for drinks you’d be as sore as us.

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Ha! Wrong, Bletch - it’s only my new work laptop on which I can’t log on. You’re a bunch of cunts, but I’d like to thank Goatboy for his kind words.


Ooh, get her!!!

You are awful, Bletch - but


Now I come to think of it, there is no but.

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And it wasn’t even a Friday night

Curiouser and curiouser…

Just noticed a new user called Flyd Owl.

Wait, hold on a cotton picking moment, he’s a she?

You appeared to take that news just fine on Sunday night, Bob. Just after Bletch slipped you that last little drinkie - please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.


There are women on the soviet? Is that safe? Doesn’t their period attract Bears?

Actually, carry on. RIP bear.