The Football Tax Fraud Thread

The Football Tax Fraud Thread


Gotta feeling that this may need a thread of its own.

And no, the “but I thought saggy chops left them years ago” gag isn’t what is needed :slight_smile:

180 Police involved so think this will run and run - any insights? Previous links/rumours?


But I guess there will be lots of these.



So tax irregularities - what is the penalty for that - points deductions? Could bring the toon armys celebrations to an abrupt halt.


Or send WHU down to the Championship


Had to be voted up just for the hope that it brings.



Hopefully, this particular collar has been felt?

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The London Stadium & St James’ Park offices this morning…


Look like nice collars to feel.


They say that dogs look like their owners. If so and if he has one, I assume it is a pug.



Could not let today go past without finding some way of getting a snide dig in at RFC oop north.

So the very bad news for them - they have got creamed at their appeal against Tax Charges and it could have bigger implications - watch this space I think

Oh and then perhaps we should all spend a moment and reflect on their result in the Europa League last night

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HMRC have had their eyes on EBTs for quite a while

They were for a while the “sexy” way for large companies to minimise tax on their employee benefits programmes, then the revenue came calling and they had to get more creative.

Seems the football clubs and their advisors have the same basic level of intelligence as some of their players…so I guess they deserve what they get.


Details emerging of those Tax Raids an NUFC & WHU

Looking like NUFC may be in trouble

HMRC claiming firm evidence of Tax Evasion.

Popcorn time


This is going to be interesting - the new Corporate Criminal Offence came in in October last year.

It holds that the Board and those charged with governance will be held personally liable for fines and jail time if a company has been systematically evading taxes…

I’d wager that in Newcastle a fat lout is vomiting into a fireplace right now