The Fear

Perhaps nothing that haven’t been said already but some thoughts on the Manager, the players and ‘the fear’!


Oh finally.

You must be bored out on that oil rig if you’e joined us.

We can start our own pre match drinks thread now


Back for pre-match beers on the 11th Feb! Liverpool at home. Should be a doddle with the new attacking unit. :cool:

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Good lad…that’s what most of us like here…good old fashioned, unreasonable optimism. Where else would you have got a significant minority feeling we could get something out of last Sunday’s game besides a sound thrashing. :lou_wink_2:

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There is nothing wrong with a sound thrashing my tart loves one every now and then.

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Has Phil Neville joined Sotonians?


Does your joining the Sotonians movement mean that I no longer have to check out your Twitter profile for Saints related Twitter gossip then Chris? (I’m not on Twitter)

Please say it is so. Twitter is a god awful place!

Anyway, welcome!

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Ha! That would be very much up to you.

I doubt I will be as prolific a poster as I am a tweet though, but to be honest that probably means you will get the stream with the nonsense filtered out on here. Or the other way round. Let’s see!

OK fair enough!

In other news, please let me know when you are good and ready to apologise for ditching your ESPN blog which was subsequently taken up by Alex Fucking Crook, the Manchester Utd fan who writes for the shit rags. Shame on you!


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I do apologise.

It’s a strange thing really. Those club blogs are meant for fans with a voice not ‘professional’ journalists. I know what it pays and you’d think it’d be beneath him, but then journalists aren’t high pay bracket.

Anyone who knows me will know I’ve had a couple of run ins with him (he’s blocked me now), mainly on the basis of him copying transfer news an hour after other journalists and then claiming at as a scoop. He thought they had replaced me on that blog, so I enjoyed telling him I had quit because it was not worth my time for the price and it had been made sterile with too many rules.

What actually got me blocked though was when I told him that if I wanted to read a book about Saints it wouldn’t be one written by a plastic Southern United fan who spends half their time desperate for scandal surrounding MY club.


I’m glad you said that yourself, that’s one of the main reasons why I stopped reading your stuff on ESPN.

It felt like it stopped being the passionate voice of a fan to a sanitised view.

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@btripz precisely that. The editor changed. The old one wanted it to be like a fan’s blog which had always been the concept. The new one wanted it to be monotone standard template match reports. Probably what attracted them to Crook…

The Metro on the other hand, I would have loved to continue with. That was pretty much free reign and I got myself death threats and my very own thread on a Stoke City forum. Halcyon days.


I would like to read that Stoke thread pls!

Also the death threats.


@bearsy unfortunatley I can’t find it, maybe it’s been archived. It was on the Oatcake fanzine. Here are the posts that triggered it though…

Touchy buggers.