The Fancy Bears WADA leaks

I was just reading this article about the Fancy Bear’s WADA leak and the TUEs

I’m not surprised that WADA said that Fancy Bears appear to have manipulated the data to make things look wrose than they are, what surprised me the most was how the Fancy Bears got into the WADA servers!!

Wada employed cyber-espionage specialists to look into the data breach. They discovered hackers were able to access Wada’s system “multiple times” in August and September after obtaining passwords and usernames with a ‘phishing’ attack on Wada and International Olympic Committee emails, tricking people into divulging personal information.

Wada added it had changed systems and procedures, introduced new IT measures and advised all users of its data system following the attack.

FFS not hi-tech number crucnhing and decryption algorythms but phishing!! How un-technological can you get??

Hello WADA employee can you just give me your username and password please, and how stupid are the WADA employees?

Well what do you expect - were probably told the job would be a piece pf piss…