The f**k me, fatso has returned Fred

I am sat here in Copenhagen slightly intoxicated due to excessive free intoxicating liquid and I log on and see Fatso has returned!

Two questions;

1: wher the fuck have you been?

  1. Have you worn out the glove?

I like to think I summoned him, yes Ndidi

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I’ve been nowhere and done nothing. I wish I had been on an adventure. I haven’t. I’ve seen very little.

I am now going to bed with my wife who has spent the last 3.5 hours asleep on the sofa (which may explain why I’ve logged back in here)


So your wife has stopped you logging in for a whole year and you took the opportunity of a spousal snooze to disobey her?

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#henpecked #pussywhipped


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Welcome back Fats…don’t stay away for so long. :lou_lol::heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Aha :+1::+1: a fellow Viz aficionado.

I am personally responsible for several entries in Roger’s Profanisaurus, including “can I quote you on that?”


Story would have generated more interest had this been someone else’s wife.