The F.A. Cup Semi-Final Meet Up Thread

The F.A. Cup Semi-Final Meet Up Thread


Ok, I’ll be host.

I won’t be drinking.


Any suggestions for venue/s?


Wealdstone FC in Ruislip for our coachload of pissheads.


We need our London based Sotonians advice here, but somewhere where @barry-sanchez and @tokyo-saint will be…


Will be going in to Waterloo wearing a Saints top, scarf and top. Easily lead pub wise - London marathon same day? Oh @ Gatters doing pick up rather than prostate thread… :blush:


Take my tickets, take my place on the piss up, next it’ll be the shirt off my back … :cry:



Btw, what size shirts do you wear CD?

Asking for a friend…


I haven’t a clue to what I am doing yet but I would genuinely like to meet up for a pint but think I may be spreading myself thin. Afterwards? In London maybe?


What was the pub we went to pre-EFL last year? That was alright (apart from being 80% Man U)

Drinks after will depend on the score!


It was the Railway in West Hampstead, very close to the eponymous tube station. Definitely a good venue for pre-match drinkies.

Post match will indeed depend on the result - a consolatory couple or a celebratory skinful.


Oh ffs guys - if you come in to Waterloo then find a pub nearby and then jump on the jubilee north bound in time cor the game.


Up for that - suppose a few Saints might have the same idea though!

Hole in the Wall/ Crown & Cushion / White Hart/ Kings Arms all decent candidates.


The Railway worked a treat last time.


But it was so rammed couldn’t get food, couldn’t find Bletch…


I walked in to the pub and straight past our lot…

Want to get coach booked soon so what’s the consensus for this Sunday’s meet up, pre and post??


Free parking and the club and will be open!! how many won’t make it to the match??

Just around the corner from either Ruislip or Ruislip Manor tube stations too, sounds like a good option for those that are driving…


The wake at the Rockstone on Saturday agreed that we will again meet at the Railway in Kilburn.

It opens at 11am. Those that can, should.


I’ll be there at 1000am…


Train ticket booked, arriving at 10:50 into Waterloo :lou_lol:


Arrive at Waterloo, Jubilee line, contactless payment, get off at West Hampstead, sorted…


Will need to replant my day to get some food but sod it why not. I mean we only lost last time we went there