⚽ The European Finals Matchday Threads

We missed a trick not having threads for the playoff games and laughing at last minute goals and Grealish’s boots so thought I’d stick one up for later so to speak.

Debating whether to go down the pub Friday, too bloody cold here to go out tonight.
Seen the old bill in the UK have threatened to close down and arrest anyone sharing streaming content for the games.
Not bothered who wins tonight tbh.
But this made me laugh.

979 quid for a day trip and now they may not reach Baku in time for kick off!

WTF is the TV Producer doing with the awful camera angles? 24% of the screen are the areas outside the pitch.
Also like watching one of those pre season games from China, totally dead atmosphere

I don’t know what’s more annoying. The camera work or Robbie Fucking Savage.

I’m lying of course. Its no contest.



Think yourself lucky. I have fucking David Pleat on my stream.

It’s UEFA, it will be college interns doing the camera work on their IPhones to maximise their profits.
Says Mrs P_F to my utter & complete shock

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Giroud breaks the deadlock.

FFS the notification of GB’s post popped up about 20 seconds before the goal on my stream!


Only joking Phil.

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Pedro makes it 2

Had to mute the tele before I tried to kick Savage through it. Missed goal and had to rewind the action.

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I was typing on the Glasto thread, even missed the replay!

3-0 hazard

One positive of tonight. EFL won’t want to hold any games abroad if this is what it will be like to wathc

LOL. Just as Pleat says Iwobi is not a finisher he leathers one into the top corner. 3-1

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Oooof. PIck that out da net

4-1 hazard

Nope, I’m not going down the “How much to watch your team get stuffed route?”…

But I am smirking a bit

Fucking hell. Ozil has just been subbed. I didn’t even realise he was playing.

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