📖 The English Language Thread for Pendants

OK I’m not perfect but some examples of the habitual misuse of the language are getting to me recently…none more so than something that’s becoming a service industry standard.

It’s the all-pervading unnecessary addition to the closing gambit at the check-out of, “Is there anything else I can get you – AT ALL

“No thank you – AT ALL!

It’s as if there’s something that’s not on the menu that you might have a secret hankering for but were afraid to ask. Maybe Ethiopian Locust Pate on a toasted Sesamy Seed Bun.

Ses a m e

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Ses a m e

I’ll leave the speller to highlight your pedantry…thanks :lou_wink_2:

I’m not a pedo, not really. Every time a bro says something to me, and I understand what they is going on about, I consider it a Win. I think the “at all” bros are just trying to be extra polite, you might prefer i.e. Finnish bros, cos in Finland, they only say exactly what they mean & don’t make any extra effort for politeness, i.e. when you ring a Finn they just go “What do you want?” and when you say what you want, they just go, “Is that all?”, which comes across as Rude Attitude, but it is just the Finnish Way RIP

Strikes me as a harmless tag at the end of the sentence, to be honest. And it’s hardly recent; more than thirty years ago I can remember people asking “Is John there at all?” over the phone.

I guess check-out staff are only following orders from a bunch of wanky middle managers anyway. I’ve been asked a number of times “Did you find everything you wanted today?”, which is quite a strange question and provides an awkward moment when met the an answer like “No, unless I’ve missed that you sell rohypnol, handcuffs and a cattle prod?”


I’m sure I’d remember if anyone had said that to me…that is a fuckin’ bizarre turn of phrase. :lou_surprised:

BTW Bearsy…polite is sufficient…extra polite just comes across as false/tutored/unnatural.

Don’t forget that Fowllyd is Welsh - they don’t speak like us English fellas at all.


When I used to work behined the Uni bar :-

“Can I get a pint of beer?”

“Yes, why not, come right behind the bar, the pumps are over there, you do know how to use them don’t you, oh the pint glasses, they’re above your head, careful you don’t drop one on yourself. And don’t forget to put your money in the till, you don’t have a till login? OK let me create one for you…or it could be easier if I served you and you paid!!”

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Perhaps they come from Irish families like what I do, at all.

…AND…“A pint of HSB please”

“Yes sir…that won’t be a problem”

“Yes I was guessing it wouldn’t be a problem…there’s a pump there…this is a pub…you sell HSB”

FFS. :lou_facepalm_2:

Literally the most annoying thing is when dumb folk start every sentence with literally.

_ Actually _, it may well be a tie with those that do this with actually, or a combination of the two.

These words are both just annoyingly overused now.


Was also going to post this. The times I hear “can I get” when I go to get a coffee drive me crazy. My bloody kids say it too. Bastards!

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I had “may I have” hammered into me as a kid. It’s really noticable though, I always get funny looks for saying it. People look at me as if I’m a proper posh boy. Which, as anyone who has met me (so, Lou on here) will tell you really isn’t the case.

So something I find even more annoying is people starting every sentence with a coordinating conjunction.


But that never stops some people from doing it…like.


And what are you going to do about it?

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Nothing at all

This sort of thing does my head in, and you see it all the time. Poor wording, I reckon. Makes it look like people are in favour of breast cancer. NOW!

A mate of mine does work for a charity called “Football For Cancer”, while an email went to all NI-based employees the other week telling us that “cancer buses” were going to be on site. What the fuck next? Plague wagons?

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