The drunk post repository

I don’t even know if I spelled the title right.

A place for where you just want to type shit, but have nowhere to put it because it is shit, and no buggar wants to read it.

I had a cat once, but a few years later I realised cats are crap and don’t do anything. Then I got a puppy, and he was awesome.

When I bought my first house, I was really proud, and I noticed that all the neighbours had house names, so I called mine Brian. I made a plaque for him and evrything, but my neighbours thought I was an asshole and I thought they were assholes too, so for about 5 years we just all thought we were all asshole.

I had the last laugh though because I didn’t understand what was going on until it had already went on and it was kinda funny.



Not completely related, but if you’re going to make a drunken scene, do it properly.

Staff told her she was not allowed to carry the bottle in her hand luggage because it exceeded the 100ml limit, and apparently not wanting to waste the purchase, she drank the entire contents.

One local paper described how she had started shouting at the departure gate before collapsing. “She was rolling on the ground, shouting,” a police officer told the Beijing Times